PROFITABLE FOREX ROBOT EA Hedge Expert for MT4 (1 live acc)


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PROFITABLE Foreign exchange Robotic EA (expert advisors) Hedge Professional for MT4 (1 are living account) 

After buy the professional is activated into 1 are living account.

For this intention ship me 1 variety of your are living account.

Demo edition EA for 1 month free of cost.

For this intention ship me variety of a demo of the account.

Hedge Professional – EA works on correlation approach between forex pairs.

Thereby it hedges the order opened on one forex pair with the aid of opening of the order on 2nd forex pair.

Currency pairs it is viable to select any, on your discretion.

If the rate goes to the opposite facet, EA is averaged, adding orders towards a style via distance


At an enter in transaction EA considers amount of bars which you have certain in parametre “BarsCount” = 500.

And additionally the minimal divergence between pairs – parametre “PairsOpen” = 200 (counted for 500 bars).

Orders are closed on the all earnings – parametre “CloseBasketProfit” = 100. 

EA it is unimaginable to look at various in a tester – it multiple forex.

Timeframe H1

Lot zero.01 – for 500$

Pairs: EURUSD – USDCHF (or any).

Profitable Foreign exchange EA for MT4.

Before buy write to me – I will reply your questions.

Only don’t forget that it Foreign exchange.

Here ensures of profit aren’t existing.

You can earn – if alternate.

You can and lose – if alternate.

But you can’t earn and can’t lose – if will not alternate.


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