Forex Robots 2000+, Indicators2000+, Trading systems 500+, Binary options strate


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Forex Assortment – Trading Mega Assortment

  • Robots 2000+
  • Indicators 2000+
  • Trading programs 500+
  • Binary alternate options strategies a hundred+

This equipment has completely every little thing to exchange the foreign exchange market and binary alternate options! For guide and automated operation. For novices and authorities.
If you’re a programmer MQL for you loads of free code. If a amateur, there are books and movies. If a trader fingers on the chart, there are many decent trading programs. If you’re trading automated robotic, a lot of professional advisors. And additionally different scripts, indicators, templates and plenty extra.


Below is an inventory of the contents of the mega percent:

Forex trading techniques application
“3Ducks” – Trading Gadget, 5 Minute Trades binary alternate options approach, Diamond ea, EA Foreign exchange Polygon, forex-strategy-master, FX MATRIX Professional, KeltnerPro, LR Foreign exchange FREEDOM four.4, Massive-Fx-Profit-indicator, TL Breakout EA 2.5, trend imperator v2.

Binary alternate options and foreign currency trading techniques:
Launcher TRX Last with out alert, TMA, Forex Black Magic, Forex Professionals Secret Gadget, Forex Flame Sniper, De Mark strains, Auto-Trend-Lines, Adri-Gold-System, Palada_3.4, BuySell-Magic, Goldmine_II_Scalping, Triple Earnings Winner, FX_Engine_v3, afl_winner, The Murrey Math Trading Gadget, Wolf Wave_nen-2, The MAX Trading Gadget, Buy-sell-signals-ultimate-arrows, Dolly-Graphics 14, Forex_Racer_Renko_System, FX-50 Splendid Scalping Gadget, Extreme TMA Gadget, Sniper_Forex_v2, trend-imperator-v2, FX-PREIS-V4-and-5, Bullseye+System, True Trendline Indicator, Super-ADX.
Binary Alternate options (strategy, books, robots):
BibaryFX three.0, CallPutOptios, 60-seconds-Reader, indicator ZIGZAGER, Super alerts channel, MA2 Sign v2, ForexProfitBinary, ForexMT4SBB, Ichimoku Cloud Breakout, Forex mt4 arrow, A-New-Way-To-Trade, Binary_Options_Strategy, how-to-Trade-binary-options-successfully, planetoption-en, freebook, BinaryReview_eBook, Binary_Options_Ebook, binary alternate options approach pdf e book, top-binary-options-strategy, Binary-Options-Winning-Formula, The_Truth_About_60_Second_Binary_Options, AF-Binary-60S-v2 (no video), Exact Entries Indicator Ebook.
Forex Robots:
AccountStatArgo, beejay, DT-RSI-Sig, e-SOTrailing_magic, Extrem-Bar-v1.1, Fiddler EA 1.1, Forex_Tramp_3.2.0, Forex-Benz-AUDNZ, FX Buying and selling MOO, FXLightning, MKT-NEWS-TRADER, NightOwlEA, Pro-Gainer, progressor_1-9-1_12, Pyramide mod, RenkoBarChart_v102, RFractals_SuppAndRes_ModA_V2A, Robot-Goblin-Barabashka, ShowBe-v3.5, robot_AngelA, expert_StarWa, STATINFORMER2, Steady-Winner-v6.0, stop-trade-v1.3, THG Straddle Information, TrendRSI_v3, vectorTrader, Smart FX Grasp Scalper v7.1.8, Auto trading robotic EAKAIN_SCALPER_PRO 2013, Hedging Scalper M5-H4, dvd-100-50-cent, FXBrokerBuster, Hard_Scalper, Master Scalper, Money_Stream, Robot_GBPUSDM15, Forex Government, Cloverix EA, Euro-Blaster 7.3, Hydrogenium, Powerful-Scalping, Ultramarines, FastJump.
Robots for MT5:
20_200_pips_MQL5_v1, 120_Sovatnik-Ilan_2, Bobnaley_st5ia, bolbands, Champ2010_hmni9, ControlPanel_st5ia, gurooex01, martgreg_1, multikMT5, pipser_st5ia.
Forex trading techniques Warning signs:
Binary Reaper, Bollinger-MA-Price, buysellarrow, candle_body_size, candle-countdown, Clurex, cronex-demarker, HMA+Indicator, Indikator_Blue, indikator_IDM, Indikator_Xaser, Ku+Klux, Ma_Parabolic_Alert_2, MACD-Elder-Impulse-Max, Ozymandias, RSI_BANDS_MA, StochHistogram, TradingEvents, Volatility_FBA_NR.
Forex Trading Programs:
3-Powerful-FOREX-Price-Patterns, Bamboni_all, forex-daily-chart-trading-system, Forex-HBA-System, forexmt4systemstrdll, Forex-Profit-Matrix, ForexTrendConsole_v1.3, FX buying and selling Engines Predicting Price Motion, gann-hilo-activator-v2, high-gain-system, ITMF_SigAlert, multi_range_calculator, Pro Trader Guide Buying and selling, ProfitableStrategy1, rainbow, sporeMTS, super-trend-profit, three, TrendMaster_Forex_Indicator_V1.1, USDEURTick, virtual-trade-monitor-v2.1.
Binary Alternate options (Strategy and Robots):
60sBinary_Option_System, Binary-Auto-Profits, Binary-Options-Buddy, FxBinaryOptionScalper, GSO-binary-options-trading, Xtreme Binary Robotic, TS AGTS, AGTSWinner_v5_0_(update), AgtsWinner v5_3(Free), ATS Increase, BO Dominator, Plus+1 v1, Boss Indicator, Auto_Binar_v2_Full, Exp – Optilan, 60secondsBinaryOptionsStrategy, 60sec.bollinger bands, Binary Foreign exchange, nonlagdot, 60second_binary_option.tpl, MatrixSignals v1.
Good update foreign currency trading techniques:
Forex Tick chart MT4 Indicator, Forex RSI alert indicator sound, Forex Trading Gadget “ForexSignal30”, Binary Alternative Techniques, Indicators (BinaryCash_Comodo, Binary Alternate options Pal 2.0, SixtySecondTrades with Alert!), Forex Trading Gadget “Forex Octopus Gadget”, Forex Trading Gadget “Ultra Scalper”, PROFX Guide TRADING Approach, SUPER Quick INDICATOR, Super Foreign exchange Launcher, Travel Buying and selling Profit Formulation, ULTRA Quick Earnings, Forex Gadget “GBPJPY M1 scalp”, Forex Approach “Gold999”, Forex Trading Approach “HeartOfForex+ProbabilityMeter”, Forex Trading Gadget “The Lindencourt FX Gadget”, Forex Trading Gadget “The Lindencourt Day-by-day FX Gadget”, Forex Buying and selling Strategie “Institutional Forex Gadget”,Collection Foreign exchange warning signs (Arrow + Without repainting. 90% Not false warning signs + 3000 TSD elite warning signs), Forex MT4 copier _v1.1 (Master/SlaveHTTP), Forex MT4 copier _v1.1 (Master/SlaveLocal).

Forex Robots: Canabis_Eclipse_1.0.rar Canabis_Eclipse_50_v1.22, VAMPIRЕ_1.08_EURUSD_Time.mq4 ^X_ParabolicRegression_StopAndReverse.mq4 _ADX_CCI__5_digits_v3.3_HandFirst.mq4 10 pips multi plus ver four.1eeee.mq4 10 pips multi plus ver four.3.mq4 10 pips ver 2MA prolong – eevviill2.mq4 2Sides_v4.10d2(andcam).mq4 2Sides_v4.13 Guide.doc 2Sides_v4.13c1.1_NOind.mq4 2Sides_v4.13c111.mq4 2Sides_v5.0-1 MACD.mq4 2Sides_v5.0a.mq4 2Sides_v5.0b6_NoInd.rar 2Sides_v5.0c4_nik_2.mq4 2Sides_v5.0c5_2ndFStoch.mq4 4Indis_Plus.mq4 7Chi EA User Guide.pdf 7ChiC EA .mq4 Aal.rar aal_V3_real.ex4 ADX_CCI v3.1_mod_FastProfit.mq4 ADX_CCI_2.52_mult.mq4 Aladdin eight FX.rar Aladdin2FX~.mq4 Aladdin7FX.rar antiCableRun.mq4 antiCableRunV2.mq4 antiCableRunV2_Trall.mq4 apophis.ex4 ARBITR2.rar ATS_Ichimoku_2.rar AutoMarti.ex4 AutoMarti_2Arah_totalprofit1arah.ex4 Auto-MT4build220.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0-alexshelln-MOD.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0-Digi_Edition.mq4 AutoProfitStabil.mq4 AvSpeed+set+test.rar Barto_V225 кул.mq4 BBQ_EA_v1.0.3.mq4 bless_FiFtHeLeM.rar Blessing three v3.7.rar Blessing three v3.7-5.mq4 Blessing three v3.8.1.mq4 Blessing three v3.9.6.mq4 Blessing Gadget.pdf blessing_3_v3.8.2.ex4 Blessing_3_v3.9.5.mq4 BMMAX Vigor Boss EA-Traxxon.rar BreakdownLevelCandleMA.mq4 BreakdownLevelCandleMA 09.04.13.ex4 BS-MagicEA.rar Buldozer_01_2+Insta.mq4 Buldozer_NBX.mq4 BURN_v1.2.ex4 BURN_v1.2a.mq4 BURN_v1.4.mq4 BURN_v1.7.mq4 BURN_v1.7m.mq4 BURN_v1.9.mq4 BURN_v20.mq4 BURN_vО.mq4 BURN_vО-DropCir06.mq4 BURN_сеты.rar BUY_SANDYRrr_0.1_VER_2.ex4 bynny + mo 27.04.13.rar CABLE.rar Cable Run Restrict Cease.rar Cable Run Development v0.9.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.mq4 Cable Run v3.0 mod 2.mq4 Cable Run v3.0 Time & EAName & MM.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3 – BAYSTOP & SELLSTOP & Time & MM.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3buysto promote cease.mq4 Cable Run v3.0~.mq4 Cable Run v3.0mod1.mq4 Cable Run_anti.mq4 Cable_run_v4.rar CableRunV3.0_News.mq4 Canabis_Eclipse.mq4 CashBlast.pdf CashBlast v1.6 edu_noDLL.mq4 CatcherCandles_PW_V1.0.rar Chameleon_2008.rar Chameleon2008 FULL.ex4 CloveriX-v5.0.rar cm_EA Information.ex4 CM24H_tekno3_FFCal&ReverseTrades.rar Combi_Dinamic V1.1.mq4 ComfortScalping_Expert_last.mq4 ConstantInvest.ex4 Contr_a_m_V1.mq4 Copyr_cracked.rar Loopy Scalper v1.11MM.mq4 Loopy Scalper v1.11MM_no_DLL.ex4 disaster.rar move Dashboard Correlator Bot – final version .ex4 Dashboard Correlator_bot 1.2_revers.ex4 DayScalp 1.0 (Lot_koef).mq4 DayScalp 1.0 free.mq4 DC – 15 (simple) (80 all SL&TP).mq4 DC – 6 pairs(ticks).ex4 DC – final version.ex4 DC – final version(all pairs).ex4 DC – fixed 14.mq4 Purchasers Exchange Restrict Orders 12.11 MACD & MACD2 Common~.mq4 Derivative_Oscillator_2.mq4 D-Fx trend_ setka v three.01.mq4 D-Fx trend_ setka v Double_Ilan1_5_Ilan1_6_fixed.mq4 EA with drive magic Ver2.mq4 EA with drive magic Ver2_eur_M15.mq4 EA_mstSignal_v2mm_.mq4 EA_NET 1.02.mq4 EA1.rar eASCTrend.sys.rar EATA pollan vers 2 E-bot_Bars_v1.4(+StepExponent).ex4 e-Droba v2 + MM.mq4 e-Droba-5.mq4 e-Droba-5+mm.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag – 56.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.01.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.01(с рабочим ММ) + Revers+slip+MAXspred (v02) .mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2+profit.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V5.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V5 TO.mq4 e-drogba.rar Eldorado+1.0.rar elvis_final.mq4 elvis_final wto SL.mq4 EMA_WMA_RSI.rar EMA_WMA_trend.mq4 EMA_WMA_v2.rar EUREKA 10.1 LOCK nodll.mq4 EURO_BLASTER.rar EURO_BLASTER_NEW.rar EURO-BLASTER V1.ex4 EuroBlaster-Turbo.mq4 EuroX2 edit lot.mq4 EuroX2 edit micro lot+ без мартина.mq4 EuroX2_8_17_9.mq4 Exp – Destiny Traditional Exchange.rar Exp – FridayCloseMondayOpen.ex4 Exp – SafetyLOCK Professional v5 (12062011)~.mq4 Exp – SuperPAck v4.rar Exp – xoindatr_123(Advanced Dice).rar Exp_Arbitr_OpenLim_01.rar exp_iCustom_v10.mq4 exp_Lego_1.mq4 Professional+10.ex4 ExpertMA.mq4 specialists – 2.3.rar FerruFx_Multi_info+_2_v1.2.mq4 FFCal.mq4 Fibo Grid.rar Fibonacci Grid EA.mq4 Fibonacci Grid EA_1.mq4 FixProfit.ex4 Foreign exchange Arb Information.rar Foreign exchange Arbitrates Plus.rar Foreign exchange ATOM.rar Foreign exchange Hacked Professional.ex4 Foreign exchange Ripper Robots.rar Foreign exchange Foreign exchange Thor II (Trial).mq4 Forex_MD2.rar Foreign exchange+Hacked.rar ForexCleaner_1.02.mq4 ForexEnvy.part1.rar ForexEnvy.part2.rar ForexEnvy.part3.rar Foreign exchange-Giga_V2_license_Remix~.mq4 ForexGridTraderEA.mq4 ForexHackedPro114.rar ForexInvestBot_edu.rar ForexOverDrive5-ver2013.rar Fracktal_Grid_Ver_9_2.mq4 Fractal_Levels.mq4 Free_Momods_Night_Scalper.rar FuturoFX.mq4 FX Professional Bot -TinoEUM5.mq4 FX_Genius_Robot.rar FX_nostradamus_S_FULL.mq4 fx_nostradamus_s_full.rar FXProTradeR40_v2.mq4 FX-Shock Traditional v4.20~edu.ex4 FX-Shock v3.1 Edu.ex4 FX-Shock v4.13~edu.mq4 GENESIS MATRIX.rar GEPARD 7.mq4 GEPARD 7_MOD.mq4 GEPARD_7_EDU-plus.mq4 GEPARD8.ex4 golden_profit_auto.rar GoldenProfit_AUTO.rar GoldenProfit_ММ .mq4 GoldenProfit-AUTO-2-.rar GoldM.rar gp2.rar GPA.rar Gral.rar Greenbuxprofit Common 1~.mq4 GridBot.rar GridMeUpFX_basic.mq4 GTS.pdf gu_m15_lock.rar Hedge four – Manual_English.pdf HEDGE4_TRIAL_PACK.rar H-EImpulse.mq4 Ilan 1.5 Profit5_ТS.mq4 Ilan 1.5 STD_3_LE_Ver_3.mq4 Ilan 1.6a Dynamic_logicPipStep.mq4 Ilan 16_PipStepExponent_14(expforexatua).mq4 Ilan 193.rar Ilan 2.0.mq4 ILAN Faster BETA v.4.5.1 +Mear.mq4 ILAN Faster BETA v.4.5.1 +Mear_PrcntM2мм.mq4 ILAN Faster BETA v.4.5.1++Mear.rar Ilan_1.5_ZeroProfit.mq4 Ilan_1.6_Dynamic_MM.mq4 Ilan_16TD_CCI_1.3.mq4 Ilan_16TD_SCT.mq4 Ilan_Exstra.rar Ilan_Exstra_Friday-from_Martingeil.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI_Dinamic.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI_fixed_by_Vespertilio.mq4 Ilan_Lite_1.mq4 Ilan_Nikolaus_mod.mq4 Ilan_Pyramid_v1[1].1.mq4 Ilan_RSI_MACD.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr18.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr192_rrr.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr193.rar Ilan_RSI_Pulse_Slope_02.rar Ilan_T1000_Plus2.mq4 Ilan_Tren_AHP_2010.mq4 Ilan_TrendRacing three.2ME.rar ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.1_Plus.rar ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.1_Plus_PcntM.mq4 ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.11_Plus.mq4 Ilan_v5.rar Ilan_VS_TrendTrading_LastTP_v1_2.mq4 Ilan_VS_TrendTrading_Trail.mq4 ilan_xx.rar Ilan1.6.Prof6.mq4 Ilan1.6.Prof6.full.mq4 Ilan1.6__MACD_RSI_ADX.mq4 Ilan1.6__MACD_RSI_ADX+SL.mq4 Ilan1.6_BBPower_v2.2Time.mq4 Ilan1.6_PipStep_off_Series.mq4 Ilan1.6_PipStepExponent_1.4_+.mq4 Ilan1.67byNikolaus.ex4 Ilan1.6D_m_hand_lot_pips.mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_m.mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_m3(DynamicTP+Quantum verify).mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_no_first_trade.mq4 Ilan1[1].6Dynamic_e-Trall1.mq4 Ilan1[1].6Dynamic_e-Trall1_2.mq4 Ilan16_PipStepExponent_MFI_lock.mq4 Ilan16_PipStepExponent_MFI_lock.txt Ilan16c_PipStepExponent_MFI_lockSL.mq4 Ilan2.0byTarasov.mq4 Ilan2.0byTarasov.rar Ilan5_TimeNews.mq4 Ilan5Mod_1_Hilo_H1_RSI_H1_TimeFalse.mq4 Ilan-Combi _Dinamic.mq4 Ilan-Combi V2.1.mq4 ilanEMA_RSI, Ilan-Trio V1.33.mq4 Ilan-Trio V1.43.mq4 Ilan-Trio V1.45.4.mq4 Ilan-Trio Ilan-Trio V1_47.ex4 Ilan-TrioKS V1.43.mq4 Indi.rar Indo Run 1.5.rar InputResizerEA.mq4 Integra.rar Integra_NR_v2.7.9.mq4 Integra_v2.3.20.mq4 Integra_v2.7.rar Integra_v2.7.15_StepMA_sashken.mq4 Integra_v2.7.4.mq4 Integra-NR-v2.8.5.rar Investor dream V4-09 mod V3XR_v_2009_Rus ©.mq4 i-Regr.mq4 IrisFx_EA.ex4 irisfx_eu_m5.set i-UrovenZero-v.2.2.1.mq4 JabrixScalper_1.1.ex4 JokerEA_v1.4.mq4 kafetero.mq4 KangarooEAv4.0_edu.rar Kung Fu Pips EA v1_02!.rar M1_esav_1.mq4 M1_esav_1.2.mq4 M1_X.mq4 macd faster.mq4 magatrend_M5_watr240.mq4 MAonRSI.mq4 MartGreg.mq4 MartGreg v1.0.mq4 MartGreg v1.1.mq4 Martingeil v1.51.mq4 Master4.mq4 MD Professional XE 1.2.rar MD_1.41 PJ_1.03.rar MD_v1.11a.rar MDP_Plus_2.2.3.rar mdp1.2.rar MDP-Plus_2.2.3a_m5.mq4 MDP-Plus_2.2.3EU 1M переделанны.mq4 MDP-Plus2.1.3.mq4 mdp-Version.1.10.rar MechanicsTrade.rar MegaBuxPips.mq4 MegaBuxPips2.mq4 MegaDroid.rar MegaDroid_1.21.rar MegaDroidFull.rar MegaDroidPro_XE.rar Merkio Enter WL.mq4 MillionDollarPips.mq4 MillionDollarPipsEURUSD_1.1.6.ex4 MillionDollarPipsEURUSD_2.mq4 MillionDollarPipsUSDJPY_1.1.6.ex4 MillionDollarPipsПР.mq4 mmm2.1.1.mq4 MO 27,04,13_edu.mq4 Cash Sistem V.rar Money_STANOK.rar Money_STANOK ver 2 Cracked.mq4 Money_STANOK ver2 Cracked_2TP.mq4 Morpheus-TopBot-V1.0~.mq4 MtConf.rar MULTI ILAN 2010 MULTI ILAN 2010 v3.3.rar MULTI ILAN 2010 Multi_Ilan_2010_v3.1.rar Multi_Ilan_2011 ver three.3-ver three.4 – AUTO.rar Multi_Ilan_2011_AUTO_v3.4.ex4 Multi_Ilan_АВТО_v3.4.rar Multi-Currencies3.ex4 MultiInstrument.mq4 myfxbank.ru_apollon_for_testing.ex4 Neuro+trend.rar Nevalyashka_BreakdownLevel.mq4 Newest Common 10~.mq4 Newesta four.2.mq4 NEWEXPERT-NN.mq4 NFX~.mq4 NO1.rar NumberOne – Impulsive scalper.rar OBOS Divergence_FXTS_FastMod.mq4 OM_2WAY_v3.6.mq4 OMEGATREND.dll OmegaTrend_v7.0.mq4 OmegaTrendEA_v7.0_EURUSD.mq4 OndaFX-EDU.rar Common RSI-EMA Alerts.mq4 Common RSI-EMA Signals_bot (4).mq4 percent.rar Palmuz.mq4 Parabolic_SAR.mq4 PipLaser_1.01_Aggressive2.mq4 PipLaser_v1_01_edu.mq4 PipmaxEA common.mq4 PipTurbo-v1.0.rar Pique_EA2.mq4 PolyVelocity_v1.mq4 PROVERKA.mq4 PTN.mq4 Pulse_Buy_Sell_V1.1.RAR.rar PYRAMID MA v5.2XE.mq4 QuantumEA_EDU.rar RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e) koef_SL.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e2).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e3).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e4).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e-f).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e-f)-JPY.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (only lot).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_m.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V2.1_edu.mq4 Ray+Ilan notime.mq4 Razor ea.rar Reticolo FX All Baskets and Rings v1.4.rar ReticoloFX.rar ReticoloFX Basket JPY.rar ReticoloFX Baskets.rar REVERS4.M.3(mod).rar RNN.rar Robotic 2050_ Lengthy.mq4 Robot Foreign exchange 2051MACD (RUS).mq4 Robot Foreign exchange 2053.rar Robot Foreign exchange 2057 (RUS) Bazuka.rar Robot2050_ Brief.mq4 RobotForex2051MACотWldmr.rar RTC4NNCS-TRIAL~.mq4 RunCabel.ex4 RX Hedg.rar Sali Loopy v2.mq4 Scalper_MA.mq4 Scalper_MA_Exp.rar Comfy earnings.mq4 Comfy earnings EURAUD.ex4 Comfy profit_v1.1.mq4 Comfy profit_v1.2.mq4 SELL_SANDYRrr_0.1.ex4 Shark_5_ultimate_full.rar SHE_AntiBaluev_Pro.mq4 SHE_Baluev_Pro.mq4 SHE_Baluev_Real.mq4 SHE_Shurgin V3.0.ex4 ShockBar 1.2.mq4 ShockBar_ver1.1.rar Sirius-Pro-ystems.rar SistemaEA_ByFreddy_mod1.mq4 SistemaEA_ByFreddy_Trans_v3.mq4 SistemaEA_ByFreddy~.mq4 Sensible Scalping Ecu M1.mq4 Stark Subsequent 2.1.mq4 Stark v2.3.mq4 Stark v3.7.3.mq4 Stelz.ex4 StochNRvlt.mq4 SupDem.ex4 tremendous scalper.rar SuperMylt_2_MCAD.06.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD.08.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD10.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD11.ex4 Aid & Resistance.mq4 sustemv2.mq4 Swan_ADX_CCI_N1.17_tral.mq4 Swan_TR_ADX_Dual_N4.01.mq4 Swan_TR_N1.01.mq4 SWB grid four.1 swb grid 5.4-ML-INVERSE.mq4 Swiss Military EA v1.51.mq4 The Channel Scalper 1.10.mq4 The Channel Scalper 1.11.rar The Channel Scalper 1.13.mq4 THV4 Coral TH.ex4 THV4 HA2.ex4 Tick Scalper v1.02.mq4 Tick Scalper v1.2.mq4 Tick_Scalper.rar TickPulse_v2.mq4 TickScalper_v3.44.rar TikTak_2.mq4 TL_Breakout_EA2.5.ex4 TL_Breakout_EA2.5-guide.pdf accurate expert eight cr~.mq4 Trailing_auto_max.rar TrailingStopCmillion_v1.mq4 TrailingStopFrCnSAR.mq4 TrailingUdavka.mq4 Development Racing three.51 ME Lite_tral_lasttp.mq4 Development Racing three.57 ME Lite.mq4 Trend1.5.ex4 TriangleHedge-TypeR-v11-13-EDU.rar Triangular_Arbitrage.rar Trio_dancer3_1 free.ex4 TrueTL V1.01.mq4 TSG_v1.08a_edu.rar TurboMax v.1.1.rar UDP.rar Extremely Scalper EA (based on Rita Lasker Indy).rar Uni-Quotes.rar universalMACrossEA.mq4 Urdala_Etalon_Alligator.mq4 Urdala_Etalon_V2.mq4 V3.1mod-2Magic.ex4 V3mod-2Magic.ex4 V4mod-2Magic.ex4 VAMPIRE_1.03_5Didj.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.03.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_AUDUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_EURUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_GBPUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_USDCAD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_USDCHF.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.08_EURUSD_Time.mq4 VectorTrader Eradicate DEMO CRACK.mq4 VectorTrader~.mq4 VectorTrader~ noDemo.mq4 Vergil_Day_Trader_V1.1.ex4 VF_Capital_v040ru.mq4 Virtual_gold.mq4 Virtual3.mq4 VolatilityFactor_5_1_FXTS_Mod.mq4 VolatilityFactor_v3.0.mq4 VolatilityFactorUserGuide ENG.pdf VolumeScalper.mq4 Wall Highway + ozzy 2012.mq4 WallStreet three.9+.rar WallStreet WallStreet_edu3.9.rar WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6.rar WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6_noIntern.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6~.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.5_nodll.ex4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.5_nodll.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.6_nodll.mq4 WallStreetX.mq4 WATR.mq4 Wave_Trend_i1a.mq4 Wave_Trend_i3d.mq4 Wave_Trend_s1a.mq4 Wave_trend_s2a.mq4 Wave_Trend_s3b.mq4 Werewolf 1.00 ME Lite.mq4 Werewolf_ADX_CCI_N1.13.mq4 WinFX_EA_V3c_edu.mq4 WinFX_EA_V4.2_compiler_FIX.mq4 WinFX_EA_V4_edu.rar WinFX_EA_V4_edu_v3.1_FIX.mq4 WinFX_Indicator_V3c.mq4 WinFX_Indicator_V3c_Fix.mq4 WinFX_Integra_Fix_v1.rar WinFX_vs_Integra_Fix_v1.rar WOC.0.1.1.mq4 WOC.0.1.4.mq4 WOC.0.1.5 SamerVersion.mq4 WOC[1].0.1._No_SL&TP.mq4 WOC[1].0.1.5_No_SL&TP.mq4 WOC_modify_03.mq4 WOC_modify_04.mq4 WOC_modify_04.rar WOCTS_v.0.1.1.mq4 WSFR_D2HL_5.mq4 XE Pauk.ex4 x-module(M15 eur-usd).mq4 XMT-Scalper_4_2_1_revers.mq4 XMT-Scalper_esav.mq4 XMT-Scalper_esav_1.3.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1_M5.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1a.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1b.mq4 yolis~.mq4 YPM.rar ZaharovAndrey_25.mq4 Zamok.mq4 Zamok v1.4.1.mq4 Zealot_Bargain+MM.ex4 ZeaSlut.mq4 Zerg EA.ex4 ZigZag600 v1c (beta1).mq4 ZUP_v71.mq4 ZZ_H1v2.1.mq4 Аrditrage_FХ.mq4 АК-47.mq4
Forex Robots: UsrednenieDynamic, Dealers Exchange Restrict Orders 12, enLight Common Breakout Dealer 2 01, Enterra Forex Megastar EA three, GoldenProfit_AUTO, Hard Scalper, lockpipsingxr_2, PipZu, proverka1.4_udp, OU_Forex_Mastery_Market_Scanner, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Candle Clock, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Market Scanner, OU Foreign exchange Mastery PAI Oscillator, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Price Motion, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Expense Magnifier, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Signal Affirmation, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Development Channel, OU Foreign exchange Mastery Development Momentum, ShockBar1.2, Exp – SafetyLOCK Professional v5 (12062011)~, Suicidio, Tracer_GR, EA_NET+7.1~, Setka Restrict Loc v4.2, ea Kitchen Fighter, Cobra_Adrenaline, Cashprofitopt, Cash-profit v.1.1, Cash-profit 1.2, Ilan1.6Dynamic1111, PipsCut-v2.0 -edu, GEPARD_4, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional, Platinum_Fair_R9, MoiGRAALE13, Gepard5.0, GEPARD_3.1, CrazyGepard, ExpertCCI, ExpertCCI_2, Expert3, Expert4, AExpertCCI2, ViperGrid EA (2.6.2), Happy Foreign exchange v1.5 My, PairTrader_Exp v41, PairTrader_Ind v2, TST1, WOC.N3_2, WOC.T3TTstop, XBars_MA_Scalper, Grid_Profit_Cmillion v1.2, XE Pauk, ! MY Purchase-Sell Graall v1.1, Unimillion~, Double_Force2, t27_MaxPLAY_grail_2.2, proba demark1, PFP v3-2, Pulse Fibonacci+Pivot, TIMERSET v4.1, MyNewsTrading_EA, e-News-Lucky$, AmazingEA-1.1.8, Multi-level-v.1.0
Forex Robots: MetaTrader4 451 construct for compilation file MQ4, VIP-EA Highest, RubiconHelper, Rich 1 x 2 lot, VAMPIRE_1.07_EURUSD_Time, VAMPIRЕ_1.07_GBPUSD, Werewolf 1.00 ME Lite, Bamboni EA, Rivas, Urdala_Tester_Demo, Tokyo_GBPUSD_v17a, Tokyo_GBPUSD_H1_v18_alpha3_DEMO_USE_ONLY, Tokyo_GBPUSD_H1_v16, SimpleH1_GBPUSD_EAv9, Forex_GAP_v2.0, MY Tens of millions EA, ForexGridTraderEA, CrazyScalper-full ver 1.0MM+, Crazy Scalper v1.11MM_no_DLL, Aladdin5FX, ForexGrowthBot, Forex_expert, Two_Levels_EA, Genesis, GenesisMatrix 2.21_1_ea, Vega, GoldenProfit_ММ, Progressor_1.9_FULL, Progressor_1.12_StHedge, Progressor 1.9~_for_forum, Progressor_1.12, ea – kain, EAKAIN SCALPER Professional 2010 v1.05~, pipstriderv133, pipstrider-ea, Robin_VOL_16, last hope 6, Great hope 2, Forex_last_hope_(v_4_1), Forex_last_hope(with gmt), EATA pollan vers mod 2, exp_iCustom_v10, my10trend, ReverseSystemBEST, 5317 FOR four DIGITS BROKERS~, fxscalper_ecn, BeerGod, tfot3, super-signals-channel.EA, AI-FOREX_Robot, LU, Pseudocarcharias_AllIncl, iRobot V4-(MACD+MA), O2, UYR_EA_Trial, PyramidEA_v2009i, Atlant v1.1, Atlant v1.1-5digital, Pro fx sto EA – M30 GBPUSD,EURUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY, Integra_NR_v2.8.5, Ilan 7, verifiedtrader_ea, BMMAX Vigor EA_edu, Tica (e3), Pallada 2010, Neuro-MartingailExpertStochastic_v3, DRACULA, Dracula Foreign exchange Robotic V _II, Tick Scalper v1.2, Robot FXnewtec (RUS) (EURCHF M15), EA MAFD1 and EA MAFD2, FST_ABB 1_11_1, Invest System four.5, Fibbonazzi-Martingail, BullDozer, Bulldozer_A12_v3.11, EA_Boogie_NN_V.8, Bogi- macd 2, The Channel Scalper 1.0, The Channel Scalper 1.13, GRAALy3, Cash Hammer v4.2 MM_no_DLL, _____FX Combo, COMBIC_7Aex, Combo 2.3, Combo RU three, Combo Gadget 5M2, Combo Gadget 6M, Combo-3, exFOREX Combo 1.46 EDU, FCS_v3.0(4in1)EURUSD_Crack_War, FOREX COMBO Customized V6.0c, Forex COMBO Gadget 8E RUS (EURUSD; M5), Forex_COMBO_System_War_test_FridayAllClose(2.42), cci-100, PipJet_1_02, Collector2.1~, Correlation_mod, FractalScalp, BreakdownLevelDay 010413, BasketBull 10.02 beta, BasketBull_8.6, StopLimitOrdersAlert v1, SetkaProfit v2, Setka Restrict Loc v4.6, Cobra 1.1, THV4 Coral TH, CobraMod zero.2, Scripts ninety nine%, Repeat Orders, fxgrowthpower, ForexGrowthBo_parTrailing, Forex Development Bot 1.8, Exp – ForexBOWT, Yen Drive Construct 201, Forex_COMBO_System_ver.1.0_(Pirate_Edition), 408_GoldNStream_v2., Momods_Night_Scalper_V3.02_Basic, Rann im 1_0.ex4, Unimillion_, Lossing, Forex_Expertv2, _SpreadController, Elvis v3-2, Direction&ReversBar&NoLoss&CloseProfit_, ForexEnvy2.0, Forex_Envy_v2.0_Revers, Auto trading robotic


Expert advisors:
EA VF_Capital – Mechanical Trading Gadget (Adviser) VF_Capital.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency buying and selling pair: using any foreign money pair, including and move-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any length, stable profitability of the gadget, per month: ~25% of the earnings in a yr: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie preliminary installing. Earnings could be withdrawn each month).
Per yr: ~500% or extra (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they develop deposits and boost the profitability of the gadget. Profit changed into withdrawn on the conclusion of the yr). Possibility to use a few specialists on a buying and selling account. This is crucial if you need to exchange concurrently on different foreign money pairs with a single deposit. The precept of maximizing earnings at flat (lateral) movement of expenses. The professional is simple and straightforward to make use of and logically most popular settings. Fully adjustable enter parameters adviser.
EA VF_Break – Mechanical Trading Gadget (Adviser) VF_Break.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency pair: using any foreign money pair, including and move-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any length.
Stable profitability of the gadget in a month: ~25% profit per yr: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie preliminary installing. Profits will also be withdrawn each and every month).
Per yr: ~500% or extra (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they develop deposits and boost the profitability of the gadget. Profit changed into withdrawn on the conclusion of the yr). Trade in any time length with the use of restrict orders that can’t sit on the video display all day. Suffice it to include an authority every three-4 foreign exchange market hours for five minutes!
Possibility to use a few specialists on a buying and selling account. This is crucial if you need to exchange concurrently on different foreign money pairs with a single deposit. The professional is simple and straightforward to make use of and logically most popular settings. Fully adjustable enter parameters adviser.
EA VF_Boomerang – Mechanical Trading Gadget (Adviser) VF_Boomerang.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency buying and selling pair: using any foreign money pair, including and move-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any length
Stable profitability of the gadget in a month: ~25% profit per yr: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie preliminary installing. Profits will also be withdrawn each and every month).
Per yr: ~500% or extra (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they develop deposits and boost the profitability of the gadget. Profit changed into withdrawn on the conclusion of the yr). Possibility to use a few specialists on a buying and selling account. This is crucial if you need to exchange concurrently on different foreign money pairs with a single deposit. Fully adjustable enter parameters of an authority marketing consultant.
enLight® Average Breakout Dealer™ – Advisor for Approach B. Barishpoltsa “Break the center”. Test historical past to be quite low in cost chance, and the very best quality information (90%) showed a rise within the deposit greater than 7 instances from March to late November. Profit for the 9 months of the verify changed into 600% – it’s about 25% per month, not bad in any respect for the automated trading gadget.
Using enLight ® Average Breakout Dealer™ you do not should make any guide steps. The work gadget is thoroughly automated.
enLight® Surfing™ – As exchange professional enLight ® Surfing™ implemented certainly one of the finest techniques for noted Russian dealer Victor Barishpoltsa.
Trade strategies Barishpoltsa truly have an effect on their profitability! This once once again we now have seen due to the fact that the institution of this exchange professional at certainly one of its trading techniques. Even a cursory glance on the list of the verify, you can spotlight the details of suggestions, such as: 1354% increase within the deposit for six months, which is ready 50% profit each month! Strategy with extra than ninety% of ecocnomic trades – it’s just an excellent influence! Value profitable bargains to loss-making 14/1.
And a myriad of other professional advisors… Here’s a fast listing:
GEPARD v2.3, v2.5, v3.0, v3.1, v4.2; AUTO Earnings Diler, Boogie+Wackena, Chameleon 2008, Diamond Vigor Development, EA BankingFX, Elevated three.1.1.0, ForexAIAutoTrader 2.1, ForeXer four.1, Golden Earnings AUTO, GREEZLY, ILanProfit v1.4; v1.5; v1.6, MegaDroid, Merkio Exp Ukis, PipBoxer, Piptronic 2.0, Profit Hunter, SkyForex v.1, Trendfox, WAWin, Ea-Boss, LuckyСandles, ProgramForex, EUREKA, Cobra, FX Genius Robotic, ForexPlatinum, JAGUAR HEDGE (V2)
And additionally:
EA SHARK Last ru edition (indicator and marketing consultant)
EA Pallad v3.0
Forex AutoCash Robotic
Forex Funnel
Trading gadget ForexDominion
Traders Secret Code
Pyramid EA Last 2008
Forex Autopilot
Forex Raptor
Forex Hitman
Trend Tracer 1.4
Trading gadget Forex Murderer
Forex Breakout Gadget
Forex Terminator
EA Shark Ultimate four.0 (5.0)
DreambuilderFX (DTS-1)
Forex Beater
Forex Loophole
AutoTrader FXPP
Robo Miner
Steinitz Hedge v3.21
Range Dealer
Sniper Foreign exchange
Kuasa Foreign exchange
Instant Foreign exchange Profit Gadget
Forex Success Gadget
AME Move Dealer
Forex Boomerang
Bogie all
AladdinFX (Aladdin2FX)
Pallada three.0 Last (SE 2009)
LMT Foreign exchange formulation
M7 Sidewinder Professional
Forex Supremacy
Platinum Reasonable R9
Forex Warlord
IvyBot v5.1
Mechanics Exchange
EA with Ratesniper: Pifon – self-learning marketing consultant, Take Earnings – The finest professional in 2009, The Wizard – Neuro-network know-how, Automatic – Advisor StrongCash, “Forex Professional”, Advisor “Advisor”, Robot – “Advisor to the wealthy”.
And different… Total seventy one Archive
This isn’t the whole listing of professional advisors. In this assortment of heaps of them, and each and every may additionally write a separate web page, but here’s now not a drive.
Continuing a quick description:
The equipment is a extremely unique bonus (it consists of: advisor, trading on the information, self-optimizing professional; copyists of transactions of different merchants; Mister Disguise, Nameless, Simple, RelativeR2, Ishimoku, Scalper 2, etc. Also, a lot: indicators trading programs, expert techniques, literature (books), programs)
17 specialists collaborating in a championship of 2006 – the specialists participating within the championship of 2006
30 specialists collaborating in a championship of 2007 – the specialists participating within the championship of 2007
33 specialists collaborating in a championship of 2008 – the specialists participated within the 2008 championship
1471 distinctive forex professional advisors
Another four archive specialists – more than 200.
In codecs: ex4 and mq4
New (100): advisors and warning signs. Trader’s Library – 36 allowances. Plus video classes and delicate applied sciences “TAACH”
Indicator (innominate) – written by certainly one of my foreign consumers. Very convenient to make use of (hands down – warrant Promote, up arrow – warrant Purchase). Works at full steam. On sale this indicator will not discover. Plan writing professional with using this indicator, but with a reasonably high expense, and now not for the Russian market.
DayImpulse – an indicator that predicts market action
Level Buying and selling – building a development line, which is convenient to decide the entry element, is additionally constructing a zigzags between the two colours bullish and bearish sentiment
Index of development detection (TDI) – used to notice when the trend started and when it ended. Index of detecting a development would sign a development, if it’s above zero and consolidation, if it’s – below zero.
And different warning signs: ASCTrend, Channels, Finware, Pivot, Elliott Wave Oscillator, Supertrend Audible Alert, whose quantity is 600.
In this set, each will discover themselves dealing with, and be capable of construct its trading gadget.
Collaps – Automatic Trading Gadget (Advisor, an professional) to work on world monetary markets, as well because the foreign trade market, FOREX.
Starter – uses selected warning signs and specialists: developed for this gadget. This trading gadget is tops and bottoms within the development with very excessive accuracy.
BCatcherR4: Run for historical past, for twelve months – the enter depot = 500; output depot = 34.000
HarvesterR3: Run for historical past, for twelve months – the enter depot = 500; output depot = 100000
And many others: Mister Disguise, Nameless, Simple, RelativeR2, Ishimoku.
More than 300.
The finest advisers within the archive – with an outline.
Trading Gadget:
Sputnik – the writer argues that the system lets you make 600 pips per week on one foreign money pair.
Easc – works on all foreign money pairs. Indicates the degree of cease loss. Powered with the aid of H4. H1. Easy to make use of. Shows the development.
Scalper 2 – a authentic set of exchange warning signs Scalper 2 creates Channel-based trade gadget breakdown Volatility for work on Foreign exchange. This gadget is positively proved to be a ecocnomic and sturdy.
And others: ATCF, CatFX50, 20 pips, Pluto.
The finest trading gadget – with the outline.
+ Various techniques and strategies for Foreign exchange
+ 2 classes: display of news within the online and preference (testing, simulation, calculation) trading strategies.
Small Library:
Low-risk tremendously profitable approach for inventory buying and selling and futures;
12 suggestions for investing, Rich Dad’s Ebook to make investments; retire younger and wealthy, made tens of millions by enjoying the numbers, 2 books on intraday buying and selling on Foreign exchange; Using embedded tester in MetaTrader four. 13 steps to a hit investing, 50 of the dealer’s base price for the securities market,
Stock market chance, Intraday buying and selling in the Foreign exchange market, problem e book on day buying and selling.
Play the inventory market identical to to play and win on the stock trade, Lectures Futures and Alternate options, Basic inventory buying and selling, on foundations harassed with the aid of cares dealer Warning shares or proper, about investing in Russia, tips for merchants.
Fibonacci sequence: Strategies for Merchants, Proper Domestic – the key to success in the monetary market, technical evaluation – a new science Buying and selling Chaos, Tree Board, as to multiply the cash in securities, Universities speculators, fundamental evaluation of global foreign money markets, Forex application Multimedia Presentation with Flash.
Continuing a quick description:
Programs: Converter HST in CSV, calculation of biorhythms, calculator goals of the action, 3 decompiler EX4 to MQ4 (217, 220, 224.1), a calculator for calculating earnings, forex word list, forex Digital Program, set the indicator during the context menu, calculator, calculation of Fibo, indication of present market session, screen saver, Forex Tester – Forex emulator, Storm – forecast expenses in the ultimate 5 candles, Bear QuoteTracker – stock quotes, indices, news, Money Supervisor – selection of trading approach, the calculation of lot dimension and open orders, NewsUpdater – Important Information in a separate window, Digital strategies – calculation of filters and a lot of other classes……
ProgramForex 2009 – 148000$ for forty days, with 3000 sturdy.
Unique marketing consultant who consistently increase your deposit for a month extra than forty instances.
EURGBP (Euro vs Splendid Britain Pound)
Period Quarter-hour (M15)
Initial deposit 3000.00
Net earnings 148346.98
Gross earnings 157887.38
Gross loss -9540.40
Profit sixteen.55
Total 112 bargains
Short positions (won%) 36 (97.22%)
Long positions (won%) 76 (88.16%)
Profit trades (% of complete) 102 (91.07%)
Loss trades (% of complete) 10 (8.93%)
Maximum variety of consecutive wins (profit) 29 (66471.13)
consecutive losses (loss) 2 (-352.10)
Maximal consecutive earnings (count of wins) 66471.13 (29)
consecutive loss (count of losses) -1535.25 (1)
Test marketing consultant.
State of 2009.01.20
on January 28
30 January
ForexPlatinum 2009 v2.1 multiplies the stability 50 instances
Very legit and stable earnings-generating gadget. In which we now have invested eight years adventure of a hit buying and selling on the Foreign exchange.
In ForexPlatinum 2009 v2.1 – improved algorithm evaluation and entry into the market.
ForexPlatinum can work with any deposit.
Use a 21 Authentic technical warning signs when making trading choices. Works on any length.
Can work on one account for the distinctive trading devices concurrently. Sam effectively distinguish orders and checks simplest for these orders, which exhibited itself.
You do not should do isn’t what optimizations Advisor immediately adjusts to market situations and is thoroughly organized to work around the clock!
2009.01.01 00:00 – 2009.05.29
Initial deposit 500
Net earnings 27,585
By request, be granted entry to put money into monitoring bills.
Forex software Money Hammer
Cash Hammer for making trading choices the usage of candle evaluation. Once the candles were fashioned and decide the trend marketing consultant enters the market, opening up positions Purchase or Promote. Advisor trades independently in each instructions. If, for instance, transactions within the direction Purchase not accomplished, but it began the development reversal, the adviser is blanketed on the newly fashioned development. A place, gone in much less output in the gadget without lack of “Smart YTG”.
The gadget of “Smart YTG” was developed in our crusade and the recently added all new specialists. This gadget makes use of an algorithm conceived output with out loss minus gadgets the usage of a grid of pending orders. What can at times in the reduction of the drawdown of the deposit.
Just use the accounting marketing consultant to the whole of orders out there and their mutual overlap in each instructions for more precisely and fast repair the earnings without the usage of Averaging line TakeProfit. Advisor to keep a everlasting state of stability calculation for all positions within the gentle of newly found within the derivation of the stability of a definite community of orders, closes them at a earnings, leaving the place of going with the trend out there to maximize earnings.
Councilor proof against sudden actions and rotation of quotations, as it reacts fast to the modified condition, and picks up the development.
Currency buying and selling pair EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY
Time body M30
Leverage 1:500
Quotes four and 5 characters
Profit per thirty days to a hundred and seventy%
Indicator evaluation fashioned candles
Entrance into the market Purchase, SELL
MONEY Administration sure
Type of exchange * moderate *
Remember: 90-95% of all merchants lose cash in the Foreign exchange market!
EUREKA will not permit you to get right into a crowd of losers, and you can be in those identical 10% of that earnings in the Foreign exchange market.
EUREKA isn’t a on line casino and poker video games. Our specialists use a trading gadget using Cease Loss and contrary positions. Expert traps in the citadel on penetration oscillation quotes in the hall of forty-60 factors and no depend which manner up or down the quote strikes hall. EUREKA doesn’t go drawdown market place of greater than 25 factors, is continuously modified and StopLoss TakeProfit counting on the condition and the course or reverse quotes. And the influence is at all times the closure of all positions at a earnings. If a powerful trending circulation adviser simply goes with the development and earnings. Shopping alternate options:
currency pair – GBP/USD, EUR/USD
Time body – any
Type of exchange – within a day, aggressive
Entrance into the market – BUY Cease, SELL Cease
Options warrant – a modifiable Take Earnings, Stop Loss
Indicators – not used
Profit per thirty days – up to 200%
1900% Unique Hand Foreign exchange Trading Gadget = EYE = phenomenal earnings.
Designed for manual exchange indicator = Eye = profit already actual.
To use it shouldn’t have extensive adventure of possession terminal MetaTrader4 and adventure in inspecting market condition.
Use it effectively: we need to be capable open and shutting of the transaction and to analyze essential photograph patterns of element and degree indicator.
With this system address even a newbie. For the professionals, it would even be helpful, especially for any such ridiculous expense.
One of the strategies of evaluation:
The images indicates a display-display. As we see within the penultimate two darkish-green images EURGBP H4 and M30 condition for dual evaluation, he appears at H4 condition if you consider decent for open poses, then look on the M30 and look ahead to greater market entry or affirmation of the condition. Parameter TimeLeft spoke of that earlier than the conclusion of the bar on the TF left 24 minutes and forty four seconds, if after this time condition not alternate and the expense will now not fall, then which you can open the place to purchase – buy. Closure will also be carried out with the aid of a trailing foot, for instance paragraphs 30-40. This is certainly one of the alternate options evaluation. There are other alternate options reminiscent of using ranges of evaluation, dotted lines referred to as Zone XXX.
You desire ecocnomic in the Foreign exchange market? Want to consider the effect daily from his work? You need a reliable trading approach gadget!
We existing our fresh guide trading gadget “PIPSOLOVE-3”!
This gadget is a logical continuation of the construction and renowned programs “PIPSOLOVE” and “PIPSOLOVE-2”, which are used with the aid of merchants in almost in all places the area. But progress doesn’t stand nonetheless and the new gadget “PIPSOLOVE-3” in all respects greater than the old!
Basic parameters “PIPSOLOVE-3”
-Based on eight confirming warning signs.
-Used to timeframes M5 major foreign money pairs (GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY). Possible to make use of on other foreign money pairs.
-Work on the system could be around the clock.
System lets you seize specifically brief and medium time period tendencies.
-Transaction gadget executes a dealer manually in accordance with the suggestions of the gadget with the look of corrective alerts to each and every different warning signs of the gadget.
On the foundation of warning signs of dealer is also capable of construct their techniques, or to add extra warning signs (optional).
Multi Marketing consultant GEPARD © 4.2 is the newest edition of the most a hit and proven marketing consultant to multi-currency buying and selling in the foreign exchange market.
Advisor will also be used to exchange any of the allowed equipment. Initially it was mounted to exchange and 28 major foreign money pairs, 36 CFD CFD and metals – GOLD and SILVER. The benefit of this marketing consultant is a comprehensive evaluation of present status out there and make informed choices on diversification of open positions.
Advisor is put in on a time table, any foreign money pair, and selling on the identical time over all allowed to tune your instrument.
Thus, using plenty of trading equipment, adviser hedges the hazards of well-known buying and selling portfolio.
In the process marketing consultant displays the open foreign money place in each foreign money in an effort to minimize foreign money chance. Due to the reality that exchange is performed in a few instructions, the adviser isn’t accompanied with the aid of one concentrates on the open place, and opens a parallel place on other devices, thus compensating for the hazards and essentially decreasing the chance of a huge drawdown to zero.
Advisor isn’t pipsinger, his work has no claims on the a part of any of the identified brokers.
As the adviser may additionally concurrently sell a number of equipment, profitability in times enhanced than the profitability of single foreign money advisors.
GEPARD © 4.2 – Adviser to the new era, allowing not restricted to exchange just one or multiple foreign money pairs, and use the full capacity of the market and the complete latitude of viable equipment of exchange!
MAJOR Alternate options ADVISER:
– Multi-currency, hedged exchange (currency + CFD + metals)
– Several exchange techniques: a development (as warning signs of Parabolic SAR, Stochastic, ADX, CCI), flat and exchange on the retracement (correction of movement)
– Trend Filters for the outlet positions of the obstacles towards the sustainable development (on warning signs OsMA, PSAR, ADX)
– Additional filters for opening positions: filter velocity of expense action, the acceleration filter, the filter restrictive ranges, filter highs/lows, filter absorption
– Multiple mounting alternate options cease-loss (breakeven, fixed on the time spent out there for dynamic development indicator)
– Ability to aid open positions with trailing
– Ability to consist of inverted exchange (for instances the place adviser receives in antiphase to the market)
– Ability to open positions simplest in the course of high quality swaps
– Flexible gadget of cash administration MM (task chance of exchange or commerce fixed a lot)
– Auto-type definition of the buying and selling account and bit Citation (standard or prolonged quotes) – Adviser himself configure alternate options beneath the valuable phrases of exchange
– Ability to resolve exchange only Purchase or SELL simplest on the numerous tools that may tie exchange adviser to the consequences of lengthy-term fundamental evaluation
– Ability to specify template names of foreign money pairs (for exchange in Brokers with nonstandard names of equipment, such as EURUSDFfx)
– Possibility of deferred installing of SL and TP by change of orders
– Different carrier alternatives
As a influence, all implemented changes, compared with previous types, the adviser sells more precisely, the consequences of trade grew to be extra ecocnomic and sturdy. The variety of transactions reduced, but they have develop into extra balanced and sufficient market.
Restriction on a minimal deposit of Advisors is absent, ie you can exchange for any deposit. But so as to cut the hazards of exchange, we would advocate a mini-Forex (min.lot = 0.1) to start with as a minimum 20.000$, at the micro-Forex (min.lot = 0.01) – from 2000$. If here’s too huge sum for you, then we advocate beginning at Cent account. For cent bills given sum will also be divided by a hundred (200$ and 20$ respectively).
Naturally, the greater the deposit and the decrease the degree of chance, the greater.
Calypso 1.04 multi-currency and hedge
The newest edition Adviser Calypso 1.04. This construction is the most a hit and stable earnings-generating! Compared with previous types – this will supply odds in a month of exchange.
All that you’ve got considered this robot simply garbage! The superb buying and selling system primarily based on a robot in a position of performing miracles. Your deposit will widen your eyes. What can convey extra pleasure than a very good earnings?
Unique algorithm adviser accurately arranges the order and thoroughly controls the system of exchange, reducing the chance of lack of deposit to zero! Expert set up beneath any market situations, which raises its latitude of software, and each and every can customise it to healthy your favourite pair.
Fully automated operation ensures the finest influence, because the robotic has no impact on the psychological element, and he at all times adopted the market! He changed into not petrified of the inability of verbal exchange or electrical energy, your money beneath his finished handle!
Multi Marketing consultant Calypso 1.04. Works on any pair, or on a couple of! It is primarily based on a novel gadget that has no analogues. Ability to work in 2 modes, both taking walks and with out stops, which lets you optimize work beneath him. The common buying and selling system permits not assemble stoploss and using a novel algorithm to hedge the hazards and the chance of the deposit drain fully absent.
Adviser decides when it opened and closed positions. Fully automated buying and selling with hedging for prime profitability. Where have you ever considered adviser, earning potential as a development, and towards the trend on the identical time?? New reversible feature permits thoroughly restructure the work of experts beneath the modified condition in the marketplace!

So what’s new within the robotic:
– Advisor doesn’t use fastened lot! Now the lot has develop into a dynamic and immediately calculated from accessible dollars of your deposit. This is a vital indicator of the effectiveness of the professional, as a tester for a protracted length, and in actual buying and selling! Items must develop in percentage to the deposit, otherwise don’t see a true drawdown!
– New characteristic of the deposit insurance plan from drive majeure, when the market breaks during the lengthy candles towards our orders. In such instances, triggered an emergency closing of positions at a definite degree!
– Set a hard and fast cease Voices for warrants on the request of the dealer. Effective functionality to offer protection to your belongings!
– An possibility to clearly set up the variety of open positions!
– Adjustable distance between the orders permits enhanced use of marketing consultant in flat channels, also applies to brief and lengthy tendencies. It is particularly efficient working with enabled multiplying the lot.
– The capacity to exchange on a few pairs, provides enhanced profitability with much less drawdown! Non-parallel work of different advisers, as neatly as guide work!
Your First Step into the area of monetary independence!
Cobra 1.1. Monitoring actual, Videos. Super ecocnomic
Innovative Adviser Cobra ver 1.1
I existing you the finest robotic for foreign currency trading? He can simplest earn and don’t be aware of what a loss! Become richer now plenty simpler!
The most legit associate of your deposit. Fully automated buying and selling with accompaniment lot from opening unless closing. A robotic that may work and earn cash when it matches you! Did now not you are searching for?
The algorithm underlying the adviser, completely eliminates the chance of capital losses. Strategy discovery orders just like the action of the cobra is promoting at highs and buying on the lows. And the second of getting into the market – the second of assault cobra. Many traders around the globe have effectively used this approach ecocnomic. Now it is accessible to you!
You can apply it to any pair. He doesn’t care the place to earn! He is not petrified of subsidence, lack of verbal exchange or requotes! He simply does its job! Even it does not depend even if the market development, or is a protracted flat – he tailored to it!

Ask your inquiries to the professional and be taught all that you have an interest!
The main change from previous types is using a dynamic trade a great deallots, which permits, once configured robotic, forget about optimization and potential quantity orders. Now the lot is calculated immediately from the accessible dollars in percentage to your deposit! This reality is indicative of trying out and optimizing the sales system and identifies the actual drawdown deposit!
Advisor will also be used on one pair, and on a few without delay. You can open up their orders, as his fingers, and different robots, Cobra will now not contact them.
Added install a definite quantity of grew to become-down orders. This allowed more productive use of market movement in the meanwhile outbursts purchases or earnings. The enhanced the movement towards the order, the enhanced the capacity earnings of the professional. And don’t use Martingale! The approach is primarily based easy strengthening their positions, that doesn’t load your deposit.
Jumper 1.0
Jumper – fully automated trading robotic, created with the aid of the common trading techniques, tested on many actual-life bills and stable earnings-generating! Now the possibility to boost their deposit is accessible to you!
Created by expert programmers, the robot impacts their work and profitability! No depend what the trend out there or flat, the robotic takes its! Your deposit will grow earlier than your eyes!
Advisor will also be used on one pair, and on a few without delay. You can open up their orders, as the fingers, and different robots, Jumper will now not contact them.
A little about trading techniques:
– Work is a flip-down orders and orders from the market
– Clearly outline the element of entry into the market, which ensures excessive ecocnomic
– Just uncovered Cease Order
– Advisor to be a development
Functions of the robotic:
– Fully customizable options permit you to modify to your vogue of buying and selling
– Should be clearly described parameters and interior algorithms
– Is thoroughly automated buying and selling with out human presence
Get this robot and begin to develop rich these days! Let envy you all! Just a number of months of ea and you’ll now not have years to save cash on lengthy-deserved holiday or a pricey automobile! Approach the dream and it’ll develop into a truth!
Requirements for the depot and terminal:
– Platform: Metatrader four.0
– Currency pair: any
– Featured foreign money pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
– Timeframe: any
– Brokers – any
– Minimum deposit: 10$
– Minimum Lot zero.01
– Leverage 1:100 or extra
He didn’t worry breaking the hyperlink, power or requotes, strategy offered the outlet flip-down orders with fastened take and forestall. But then nothing can cease the work of an authority!
Great ecocnomic scalper
By featuring to your consideration the newest adviser Parabolic. More superb than its predecessor.
This is the latest advisor primarily based on customary indicator Parabolic SAR. Robot makes use of Fibonacci ranges and primarily based on them exposes takeprofit and stoploss, automatically calculating the dimension. Conducts monitoring of the lot, pulling a trailing with the aid of necessity. To calculate the lot dimension as a percent of the deposit. Can be used on any pair and any length. I advocate for EURUSD for 15 min, also confirmed neatly-behaved on GBPUSD 15 min. Can be used on distinctive pairs without delay, which will supply the finest influence. Test for 2008 will also be discovered right here! And for the ultimate month right here
The new version provides:
– Quick restoration of the deposit.
– The handle functionality of open positions.
– Function greater to enter the market.
With these refinements changed into the marketing consultant to exchange extra profitably.
Remains of the historic:
– Function calculate Fibonacci ranges on the set highest and minimal.
– Maintenance of open orders as a flip-down, and out there.
– The capacity to customise to any pair of any timeframe
Robot verified on actual bills, and indicates a stable earnings.
In the verify for the last three months confirmed
Initial deposit ten thousand.00
Net earnings 149006.48
Profit 19.68
Expected payoff 2759.38
Absolute drawdown 200.00
Maximal drawdown 13628.60 (16.10%)
Relative drawdown 18.45% (2292.00)
Total transactions in 1954
Short place (won%) 24 (95.83%)
Long positions (% won) 30 (93.33%)
Profit trades (% of complete) 51 (94.44%)
Loss trades (% of complete) 3 (5.56%)
Unique self-optimizing Marketing consultant GoodProfit
Super professional, one of the newest developments in construction advisers that’s correct for all and sundry. As a newcomer to the exchange, as neatly as skilled merchants. Fully automated robots do every little thing for you. This robotic is capable of convey simplest earnings! And it isn’t just empty phrases! Adviser to assess many merchants on actual bills and it truly brings consequences!
The authentic technology permits the exchange of nearly only high quality transaction. Advisor itself determines the finest time of the starting of exchange, thereby obtains the finest consequences.
The statistics communicate for themselves
Profit 25.30
Expected payoff 382.00
Relative drawdown 21.16%
Profit trades (% of complete) 122 (91.73%)
And here’s Now not FITTING consequences.
The main characteristic is a functionality of robotic self-optimization, which offers very excessive profitability. You don’t have to continuously video display it and optimize, he does himself? After a quick setup, you can safely put it on a demo or actual. There is no should optimize for the yr! Enough to make it for the month, and already Adviser will optimize itself as soon as a day and screen the latest alternate options that provides a extremely excessive earnings!
Even if you’re inexperienced or newbie dealer, or need to forget in regards to the steady reconfiguring adviser, then this gadget for YOU! With tuning marketing consultant I can aid! ea mt4
SUPER LED WKBIBS – the quickest oscillator.
Super LED WKBIBS – is a brand new era of oscillator with mixed capabilities of the two warning signs WKB and IBS.
Suitable even for novices!
Suitable even for a amateur in forex however for the professionals will additional addition to the trading gadget. WKBIBS Offers the earliest signals in comparison to the normal oscillator class Stochastic and differs from all turnout indicators doesn’t situation false signals and never redrawn. Turnout warning signs such Trend_Signal_2008 now not worth purchasing on a frozen time table all exceptional, but they lag in the back of realtime tracing of giving a sign when it has in fact ceased to be valuable, and the transaction will now not it is a good idea. In WKBIBS now not exist, it truly is not plenty more durable than visually Arrow however offers previously and correct alerts.
How to promote: When the crimson line crosses accurate blue down a Promote, if the contrary crimson crosses the backside of the blue from backside to accurate, you Purchase – all very essential, but vital, as which you can see the picture very obviously, the sign is a value chart still valuable for the transaction in the correct course, unlike the change warning signs when it will be too late to open the transaction. The leisure, including the viable use development filter and the preferred course of transactions, you may end up, since I don’t sell able trading programs and promote indicator for the trading gadget, not to be perplexed, but because it turns out that each one purchases require a transparent TS and never Indicator.
In any case, I am able to work on the construction of Trading Gadget with each and every for my part and individually in case you will have a powerful need for anything, so decent apart from the information of the indicator isn’t a part of the outline.
Thanks Rashid Umarov (Rosh) for suggestions in establishing a trademark.
How do I set, I hope all and sundry is aware of, just modify the colour and thickness of the strains (figure now not contact, it’s now not for optimization, ie for trying out)
SUPER Marketing consultant -== IL Profit5 ==- PROVED
ONE OF THE MOST Ecocnomic, STABLE And cozy mechanical trading programs for Foreign exchange these days!
It has a stable earnings, a authentic algorithm of the primary transaction and the gadget output moose bargains breakeven with the aid of Martingale. The gadget is bendy and uniquely ecocnomic – a stable earnings as much as 1200% in lower than 1 yr – checked. A little worry can simplest be unpredictable jumps in expenses for 500 or extra points within the wrong course, what happens right through the financial crumple of any nation, war, major terrorist assaults, etc. This occurs as soon as in 2 years. This will also be discovered on Television and in strengthen to droop operations adviser for every week or much less, or use my patronage gadget with a versatile hand-MM, which in itself additional raises earnings.
“IL_Profit_1.5” is a program (MTS, adviser, judge, or in case you like browsing bot.) For Metatrader four.0, which will also be traded independently, with little interference of man himself. The benefits of this components of buying and selling are gigantic and consist within the absence of “human element”: Our gadget must be clearly attracts its algorithm can trade across the clock bringing even a newbie dealer to a stable earnings. If you’re for your personal very own calculations don’t just like the open transaction, for instance, because for them as soon as enrolled, was minus swap (although here’s a penny), we can cautiously to suspend exchange or as an choice, use a different MM on my approach, as I may inform you in a private correspondence. Expert is 1/2 scalpers as a result of the proven fact that the minimal TP will also be equal to 7, plus the proven fact that no one broking service doesn’t limit its use on the realities of the characteristics of a totally scalping programs with TA = 1,2,3.
FOREX are engaged on the news immediately – inNew
For extra than four years of labor in the Foreign exchange market, I got here to at least one conclusion: the decent influence, without the large overload of nerve, gives the so-called work on the information. I do not consist of figures (I am amazed that they lead others, even with such precision and walk in the park:) – just conclude studying the outline to the conclusion. No ask yourself at one seminar lecturer referred to as the information “SRT p.c grain dealer”.
Exit the vital information is at all times obviously marked, and all market members are looking forward to the information with impatience. All of you (workers Foreign exchange market) have considered how the expense, for instance, after speeches Greenspan: 100-150 factors (and this is loads of bucks in earnings, if you open a place in the correct course). Surely all tried to chase the expense, and somebody grew to become out, and somebody now not.
Auto professional for the installing or elimination orders on the targeted time and guide work on the output of vital information. Designed to work within the most customary buying and selling terminal MetaTrader4.
Buying Professional INNEW You will by no means be chasing the expense. It immediately installs the pending orders to purchase and promote at a small distance from the present price earlier than the news on the contact of a button. And after the news is among the orders will earn you earnings.
If you can’t stay near the buying and selling terminal on the time of the scheduled liberate of information, will aid you choose. At the appointed time he’ll set the pending orders, withdraw if they aren’t executed inside the targeted time you state. Will eradicate one order within the efficiency of an additional.
Of route information does not at all times trigger a violent response of the market, but the common is 1 each 2 days. The ebook on work on the output of vital information, I defined the principle of labor, about the calendar of financial information and the use of an authority.
The professional works in any foreign money buying and selling pairs and any timeframes.
The ebook to work on the output of vital information very detailed suggestions for dealing with an authority. Describe all variable parameters.
EA Auto Earnings Diler 5.1 © 90% profit, Forex 2009
EA “AUTO Earnings Diler 5.1” – it is automated, developed in late 2008 by a gaggle of builders Finans Plus Trading Gadget for Meta Dealer v.4. Upgrading an older version four.7 to five.1 passed off March 12, 2009.
“AUTO Earnings Diler 5.1” – Advisor, which in accordance with our calculations makes it possible for you to alternate your existence and profit monetary freedom, while making a deposit of one thousand$ already. Improved authentic algorithm that makes use of two normal indicator for market entry. No adjustment for historical past. Advisor to effectively distinguish itself warrants and checks simplest for these orders, which put itself. You can exchange independently on the identical account, the adviser will now not contact your orders. The precept on which he works, is authentic! This components of exchange is very handy, expert by no means drained, does not consider any feelings, while carrying on with to exchange at a predetermined approach in any condition.
The gadget will do the entire give you the results you want, it’s very exceptional, especially to see actual results on the conclusion of the day.
Works on actual and demo account with out interruption across the clock, even on Fridays with out human intervention on Adequate.
Pluses of the new edition of “Auto Earnings Diler 5.1”:
+ No restrict on transactions
+ Low minimal deposit (we recommend one thousand$);
+ Protection from discharge deposit.
* Platform: Metatrader four.0
* Currency Pair: Eurodollar
* Time body: H1 (hour)
* Forex market hours: day and evening on weekdays
* Brokers – any
* Number of transactions – at the identical time 5.
* MM – Fixed Lot
* Performance – 800% per yr.
* Strategy – does now not use a typical stochastic, has no gadget for Martingale, when you need an enormous deposit.
* Efficiency: proved to demo, as neatly as are living.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 © lucrative shark in the Foreign exchange market
Currency buying and selling has now become a extremely common exercise. Nearly three trillion dollars day-by-day turnover reaches the world foreign money market Foreign exchange (FOREX – FOReign Trade).
At least eighty% of all transactions are speculative, with a view to earnings from bargains in trade fees. Many monetary associations acquire the majority of their profits right here.
The causes for this pastime is comprehensible. At the second there is infrequently an trade financial company, make it viable for a short while to acquire an earnings, many instances exceeding the preliminary funding.
We present a novel marketing consultant “Gold Shark” © 5, which is among the most fresh and most a hit developments experts «Finans Plus» for buying and selling on Foreign exchange Market 2009, which is proper for nearly all and sundry.
The gadget is primarily based on an unique algorithm using warning signs that are blanketed within the archive, which consequences in highest earnings.
With EA “Gold Shark” © 5, you’ll haven’t any special capabilities and particular efforts within the proper surroundings to boost their capital. Advisor is designed for americans who price their time and cash.
Adviser mounted to exchange: from conservative to harmful.
* Platform: Metatrader four.0
* Currency pair: any (recommended EURUSD)
* Timeframe: M5, M15, M30, H1 (recommended with the aid of the M15, M30)
* Forex market hours: clock
* Brokers – all (we advocate Forex4you, Alpari)
Also in the components supply comprises settings that are continuously up to date on our site. Please don’t use the settings for the different Brokers.
* Profit – 20 – 150% per month (depending on the chance and dimension of deposit)
* Minimum deposit: 500 (in which the adviser trades), we indicate that from 3000
* Opportunities Adviser:
– Entry into the market with three non-standard warning signs;
– Possibility to make use of on varied pairs (multi-currency exchange);
– Protection towards false alerts;
– Withdrawal of loss-making positions in breakeven with blockading and averaging;
– Support with trailing;
– Inverse exchange;
– Stability out there even at very risky market.
EA Volcano Top class v.7.0 ۞ – thought-out exchange
Unique Adviser «Volcano Top class» v.7.0 is the newest innovation experts «Finans Plus» for buying and selling on the Foreign exchange market in 2009.
As a influence, all implemented changes, compared with previous types, the adviser sells more precisely, the consequences of trade grew to be extra ecocnomic and sturdy.
The benefit of this marketing consultant is to finished the evaluation of the present state of the market and make knowledgeable decisions primarily based on evaluation of historical information, together with using nonstandard indicator.
With «Volcano Top class» v.7.0, you can no special capabilities and particular efforts within the proper surroundings to boost their capital. Advisor is designed for americans who price their time and cash.
MAJOR Alternate options ADVISER:
** Any foreign money pairs.
** The capacity to make use of on varied pairs (multi-currency buying and selling)
** Using the customized indicator Volcano_Ind.
** Ability to make use of for day buying and selling.
** Featured timeframes: M15, M30, H1.
** The minimal deposit on the price of 3000 per pair, on which buying and selling adviser.
** Advisor set to exchange: from conservative to highly harmful.
** Protection towards false alerts.
** Filter for opening positions: filter highest/minimum.
** Ability to aid open positions the usage of trailing.
** Ability to open blockading warrant.
** Ability averaging loss.
** Possibility of an inverse exchange (in the case of reversal of the market).
** Service settings.
Advisor on sale in the type of license ex4 file, it is compiled and able to be used within the terminal MetaTrader. Forex robotic can work on the account fully independently and doesn’t require human intervention. The package is promoting very detailed directions for fitting and configuring adviser. There have been no issues within the use of EA there, he can persistently and profitably function with default settings.
EA Greater Trading Robotic on the ideas Champion 2007.
Many have been struck by a fine looking success profitable the 2007 Championship, where Greater conclude with the separation from the closest competitor by greater than 2.5 instances:
You submitted Marketing consultant aka_Better, written on the foundation of probabilistic neural community PNN (Probability Neural Community). It is primarily based on ideas used with the aid of the champion.

Long earlier than the conclusion of the Championship-2007, we started to discover techniques for TS Oleksandr Topchylo. At that point he has answered questions in a weblog and boards. Subsequently, a lot of suggestions from public sources has been eliminated, but we left it.
The chances of neural networks in fixing the issues of forecasting can’t be overemphasized, but it’s not convenient to make use of device that requires some ability and time-consuming. Six months of tough work it took us to write down this professional. We named it EA_Better.
Neural networks aren’t simplest effective but additionally common device in solving issues of forecasting. And for us now not come a shock that the adviser EA_Better, being at the beginning “sharpened” under the EURUSD, has proven no worse results because the other foreign money pairs, as neatly as for other kinds of markets: raw substances, stock market, indices, futures, bonds, options, contracts for change… Backtests are made everlasting, close to a true lot with an inexpensive diploma of chance (drawdown), the introduced serious traders. The consequences for each and every particular person instrument, show a rise in deposit 2-4 instances per yr of buying and selling, which is very near that of the Champion for actual account: where twelve months deposit increased three.5 instances for EURUSD.
It is obvious that our exchange adviser EA Greater to multiple devices concurrently, will be made at times extra the degree of earnings for chance diversification.
This working Marketing consultant Golden earnings auto
Automated Trading Gadget “Golden earnings auto” profitable, stable and straightforward to make use of mechanical trading gadget for foreign exchange these days!
It has a stable earnings, a authentic algorithm of the primary transaction and the gadget output bargains with no lack of Martingale. The gadget is bendy and uniquely ecocnomic – a stable benefit from 3100 to 3700% for 1 yr – checked on the actual and demo.
A little worry can simplest be unpredictable jumps in expenses for four hundred or settlements “in the wrong course”, that takes place right through the financial crumple of any nation, war, major, terrorist, attacks, etc. This occurs as soon as in 2 years.
This will also be discovered on Television and in strengthen to droop work on the adviser for a few days.
“Golden earnings auto” is a program (MTS, advisor, expert.) For Metatrader four.0, which will also be traded independently, with little interference of man himself.
The benefits of this components of buying and selling are gigantic and consist within the absence of “human element”:
System must be clearly attracts its algorithm can trade across the clock bringing even a newbie dealer to a stable earnings. Advisor is a 1/2-scalpers as a result of the proven fact that the minimal TP will also be equal to five, plus the proven fact that no one broking service doesn’t limit its use on the actual as adversarial to fully scalping programs with TA = 1,2,3.
No adjustment for historical past. Advisor to effectively distinguish itself warrants and checks simplest for these orders, which put itself. You can exchange independently on the identical account, the adviser will now not contact your orders. The precept on which he works, is authentic! This components of exchange is very handy, adviser by no means drained, does not consider any feelings, while carrying on with to exchange at a predetermined approach in any condition.
The gadget will do the entire give you the results you want, it’s very exceptional, especially to see actual results on the conclusion of the day.
Works on actual and demo account with out interruption across the clock, even on Fridays with out human intervention on Adequate.
The counseled preliminary deposit of fifty$ (5000 cents) on mini bills with a lot zero.01
Report actual account
Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2008.01.02 09:00 – 2008.05.30 22:55 (2008.01.02 – 2008.06.02)
Initial deposit of fifty$ (5000 cents)
Net earnings Total earnings 67602.95 79024.25 Gross loss -11421.30
Profitability 6.92
Expected payoff fifty eight.03
Absolute drawdown 411.80 Highest drawdown 44205.54 (91.73%)
Relative drawdown ninety one.73% (44205.54)
Total transactions in 1165
Short positions (won%) 479 (74.74%)
Long positions (won%) 686 (74.20%)
Profit trades (% of complete) 867 (74.42%)
Loss trades (% of complete) 298 (25.58%)
Largest profit exchange 1642.50
Losing exchange -706.50
Average earnings trade ninety one.15
Losing exchange -38.33
Maximum variety of consecutive wins (profit) 27 (650.80)
Consecutive losses (loss) 9 (-3202.02)
Maximal consecutive earnings (count of wins) 2679.70 (3)
Consecutive loss (count of losses) -3202.02 (9)
Average consecutive wins eight
Three consecutive losses
Information: Tech. Features scalpers “Golden earnings auto”:
* The complexity of the MTS: He’ll consider even the newbie. Possible blunders will make a decision collectively.
* Terminal: Metatrader four
* The recommended equipment: any pair of currencies.
* Period: from M1 to MN (months)
* Minimum Deposit: 50$ (5000 cents) from 50 cent to the micro.
* Profit: up to 3700% per yr. depends on the shoulder, level a lot and frequency of reinvestment.
* Brokers: Anyone with a micro zero.01 Lot, Mini zero.1 lot, or average score a great deallots. (Recommendations, see above)
* Forex market hours: day and evening on weekdays.
* Reinvestment: to reinvest or to boost the price of Lot, it is crucial after the information Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) (the first Friday of the month), for instance on the 2d Monday of the month, so you will boost the total earnings for a number of tens of % and offer protection to themselves from the alleged drive majeure. With reinvestment of profits could be as much as 3700% per yr.
The effectivity of MTS proved to demo right through the 1.7 years at Actual Madrid only for a shorter length.
Additional Suggestions: The archive kit comprises:
EA within the compiled kind, ie in ex4 layout and able for work.
“Set” files for optimization – templates + indicators to decide the market action – helper scripts file (installation and optimization of the professional Golden earnings auto)
The most beneficial evening trading robotic “NIGHTCASH v.2010” – Take a bit of pie night on the Foreign exchange Market!
The robotic is capable of take all your Foreign currency trading and thoroughly automate the extraction of profit out of your account even whilst you sleep. A innovative solution so that you can perform evaluation, comparison, decision-making on purchases or earnings, opening and shutting transactions for a continuous boost your deposit. The robotic changed into given at three-week trying out all and sundry the dealer. The effectiveness of the robotic showed a extremely excessive price, approximately ninety% of profitable trades and 10 dropping, as a foundation for the robotic have been taken concepts from the accurate 10 advisers this yr, now is the finest evening’s adviser, now you can purchase and at an inexpensive expense.
Robot foreign exchange works with all foreign money pairs (25 foreign money pairs): from 21:00 to 05:00 am GMT (during their lowest exercise). The thought of such exchange isn’t new and changed into used with the aid of many earlier than us, but provided you a product has a few innovative innovations if you want to significantly boost earnings and cut losses. Also one of the crucial main benefits NightCash v.2010 is uncompromising reliability, which is vital in any such dynamic market like the Foreign exchange when working with actual cash.
So now which you can buy truly working, high efficiency product, which will repay very fast, and will proceed to convey you a gentle earnings! Start buying and selling with a true gadget and confirmed effectiveness.
List of other cloth in the Foreign exchange software equipment:
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fine-tuning-your-money-management, Finware, Firebird, “Firebird [i]”, “Firebird [i]1”, “Firebird HMA [i]”, “Firebird MC v058”, “Firebird MC v0581”, “Firebird MC v0582”, “Firebird MC v0583”, “Firebird v0.50”, “Firebird v0.50(26JUL05)”, “Firebird v0.51”, “Firebird v0.55”, “Firebird v0.56 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.57”, “Firebird v0.57 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.57(8AUG05)”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]2”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]3”, “Firebird v0.60 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.60 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]2”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]3”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]4”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]5”, “Firebird v0.62 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.63 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.63 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.63_1.ex4”, “Firebird v0.63_1.mq4”, “Firebird v0.64”, “Firebird v0.65”, “Firebird v0_58_JD”, “Firebird v0_58_symbol_fix”, “Firebird v01.57”, “Firebird v060”, “Firebird v065-Fixed”, “Firebird v065tf”, “Firebird v63”, “Firebird v63 gbp & eur”, “Firebird v63 TVD”, “Firebird v63 TVD1”, “Firebird v63 TVD2”, “Firebird v63_A”, “Firebird v63_iFXAnalyzer_v01”, “Firebird v63_iFXAnalyzer_v03”, “Firebird v631”, “Firebird v632”, “Firebird v63B”, “Firebird v63B1”, “Firebird v63D”, “Firebird v63D1”, “Firebird v63E”, “Firebird v63E1”, “Firebird v63F”, “Firebird v63G”, “Firebird_ v057”, “Firebird_v0[1].60__ea_”, “Firebird_v0[1].60__ea_1”, Firebird_v63E_EURUSD, “Firestats v0.5”, “Firestats2 v0.10”, Fisher Seriously change, Fisher_exit, “Fisher_exit(1)”, Fisher_m11, Fisher_mbk, Fisher_org_v12, “Fisher_org_v12(1)”, Fisher_Yur4ik, Fisher_Yur4ik_2, Fisher_Yur4ik_Correct, Fisher_Yur4ikk, Fisherman, FitFul_13.ex4, FitFul_13.mq4, fjuchers, fl_101079_7771b1ed8f8bd1f303918447259f159e, fl_102696_24d5fbdc8f384cba1d601dc536e88198,, Flat, “Flat Development”, “Flat Development RSI”, “Flat Development.mq4”, “Flat Development.v1.0”, “Flat(1)”, FlatTrend, “FlatTrend SMC modified”, “FlatTrend V2”, “FlatTrend V21”, “FlatTrend V3”, “FlatTrend V31”, “FlatTrend w MACD”, 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icwr2.mq4, icwr3.2, icwr3.mq4, icwr4, id, iFirebird, IFish, iFXAnalyser, “iFXAnalyser(1)”, iFXAnalyser_H4, iFXAnalyser_H4-Open, iFXAnalyser_H4-Open1, “iFXAnalyser_H4-Open1(1)”, “iFXAnalyser_H4(1)”, iFXAnalyser_H41, iFXAnalyser_H42, iFXAnalyser_H43, iFXAnalyser1, iFxOverEasy1, iFXSI, igra_birza, ii_charting_candlestick_charts, iKarakatica, Ilan-comleted, “ILan 1.5”, ilan_1.6, Ilan1.6_BBPower_v2.2Time, Ilan1.6_PipStepExponent_1.4, ilanprofit, “ilanprofit- rus”, IloveFX_4.01, iMA_Fibs_Above, “iMA_Fibs_Above(2)”, iMA_Fibs_Below, “iMA_Fibs_Below(1)”, iMA_TrueFibs_Above, iMA_TrueFibs_Below, “iMA_TrueFibs_Below(1)”, iMACD, iMACross, “iMACross(2)”, Ind-Fractals-1, “Ind-Fractals-1(08SEP05)”, “Ind-Fractals-1(1)”, “Ind-Fractals-1(23SEP05)”, Ind-Fractals-11, “Ind-Fractals-11(23SEP05)”, “Ind-Fractals-alltf-1.1.1(1)”, Ind-Murrey_Math_MT4_VG-1, Ind-SKB-1, Ind-TD-DeMark-3, Ind-TD-DeMark-3-1, “Ind-TD-DeMark-3-1(2)”, Ind-TD-DeMark-3-1_eng, Ind-WSO+WRO+Trend Line, “ind – Profitunity Bars”, “IND Inverse”, “IND Inverse+EMA”, “IND InverseB”, IND Inverse+EMA, IND_Inverse_and_BB_and_EMA, Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_eng, Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_01_AIME, Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_03B_AIME, Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_03B_AIME1, Ind_VilkaFractals_v1.2, ind2, ind3, “INDIAN Common EA”, indicator,,, “indicators International”, Indicators_Tsystems,, Indikator_TAACH, indofx_BREAKOUTver1.0, Iniotion_News_Reader_v9.92_Lite, “inpossibilium nulla obligatio est”, “Install Exp – VirtualTradePad v5.2”, “Instant TrendLine”, “Instant TrendLine1”, Instant TrendLine1, Instant_Forex_Profit_System,, “Instantaneous Development”, Instantaneous Development, InstantTrendLine, Intelectual_Pro__FIXED_, Intelectual_Pro_EurGBP, “Intraday Open Pivot Setup”, “Intraday Pivots Buying and selling”, “Intraday Trading Approaches”, intraday4newbies, IntroductionToForex, IntroductionToFutures,,, isakas_kuskus_v2, it.d, it.mq4, it1, it2, it3, “Itend historic”, iTrend, “iTrend mod”, “Itrend Historic”, iTrend_hist, iTrend1, “IvyBot v5.1”,, J_TPO, “J_TPO(1)”, J_TPO_Clean, J_TPO_OSC, J_TPO_Velocity, JAGUAR_HEDGE_V2, JAGUARcHEDGE, Jaimo-JMA, JapanCandlesticks, JCFBaux, jfk, JJMA, JK_BullP_AutoTrader.ex4, JK_BullP_AutoTrader.mq4, JK_sinkhro, “JK_sinkhro(23SEP05)”, JK_sinkhro1, JMA, “JMA [i]”, “JMA RSX”, JMA [i], JMA_CCI, “JMA_CCI [i]”, JMA_CCI [i], “JMA_MACD [i]”, JMA_SL, JMA_StarLight, JMA_v2, JMACD, JMACD1, JMASlope,, “JPrice Channel”, “JPYretz20.mq4 “, Juice, “Juice StdDev with Histogram LA”, Juice2, Juice5Level, JuiceLevelsAlert, JuiceLevelsAlertNew, Juicenew, Jumpy, Just_In_Time, JVNG_Magnet_Indicator, KailashEURCHF, “Kalman filter”, KAMARev, KAMARev1, KAMARev2, KAMARev3, Kanal_Ant, Kaufman, Kaufman_Bands, Kaufman2, Kaufman3, KC, KeepItSimple, KelasBelajarForex_2ndedition, kelasbelajarforex01, “Keltner Channels”, Keltner_ATR_Band, “Keltner_ATR_Band mt4”, Keltner_Channels, Kent_Douglas_simple_forex_solution, KG_Relative_Str, KhaosAssault2, “KI EA”, KI_signals_v2, “KI_signals1_H1+low_3-10-18_optimized”, Kijun-Sen, “Kijun-sen+”, “KijunTenkan+”, KiS_Avg, “Kolachi Dealer”,, Kuasa_forex_modif_total,,, LabTrend2_v1, LabTrend3_v1, Laguerre, “Laguerre MinusDi”, “Laguerre PlusDi”, “Laguerre RSI”, Laguerre.ex4, Laguerre.mq4, Laguerre_ROC, Laguerre1, LaguerreFilter, LaguerreVolume, Larry.log, Larry.mq4, “LAS VEGAS TUNNEL”, LAS_VEGAS_TUNNEL_2, LAS_VEGAS_TUNNEL_3, Lawaqib_EA, LazyExpert, LBS, “LBS V12”, “LC 2in1”, “Least Rectangular MA”, “Level Buying and selling”, lever, leverage, LGP-Pivot DJ, LGP_Ivanoff_Maloma-Demark_Levels, lifestyle, lihovidov, “Linear Expense Bar”, “Linear Regression”, “Linear Regression Line”, “Linear Regression Line1”, “Linear Regression Line2”, Linear Regression Line, Linear_Regression, Linear_Regression1, LineindicatorOriginal, “Lines_buy(1)”, Lines_sell, linreg, “linreg(1)”, “Live Charts Fib Pivots”, lmt, lock, Lock__PipsingXR_2009v1,, londonrush, Longterm_a, Longterm_a1, Longterm_a2, LRC, LSMA, “LSMA in Colour”, “LSMA in Color3”, “LSMA in Color31”, LSMA in Color31, LSMA_Angle, LSMA_AppliedPrice, LSMA_AppliedPrice1, “LSMA_AppliedPrice1(1)”, LSMA_Channel, LSMA_Color, LSMA_in_color_00a, LSMA_in_Color3, LSMA_Line, LSMA1, “LSMA1(1)”, LSMA11, LSMA12, Lucky, Lucky.ex4, Lucky.mq4, Lucky_2.4, “lucky_V[1].2.4”, “lukas1 стрелки и линии_v14”,, LWMA-Crossover_Signal, LWMA2,, Lyly_G_Catherini_v1.0, M.A.C.H_X_alert, “m1v11(killerkhan)”, “m1v11(killerkhan).log”, “m1v11(killerkhan).mq4”, M5G, M7swdr, MA-ATR, “MA-ATR(2)”, “MA Perspective”, “MA Chanels FiboEnv Mid”, “MA Move 20”, “MA Move 201”, “MA move with take earnings levels four”, “MA dots”, “MA in Colour”, “MA in Color_wAppliedPrice”, “ma of rsi”, MA in Colour, MA in Color_wAppliedPrice, MA_ALERT, MA_BrkOut_H_v2, MA_Crossover_Alert, MA_Crossover_Alert3-34, MA_Crossover_Email_Alert, MA_Crossover_Email_Alert1, “MA_Crossover_Email_Alert1(1)”, MA_Crossover_expert_v1, MA_Crossover_expert_v11, MA_Crossover_Signal, “MA_Crossover_Signal[1]”, “MA_Crossover_Signal[1]1”, MA_Crossover_Signal_VoiceAlert, MA_Crossover_Signal_VoiceAlert1, MA_Crossover_Signal_With_wav, MA_Crossover_Signal1, MA_Crossover_Signal2, MA_Crossover_Signal3, MA_Crossover_Signal4, MA_Crossover_Signal5, MA_Crossover_SignalAlert, Ma_Distance_From_Price, MA_Reverse_EA, MA_Shift_Crossover_Alert, MA_TSI, MA2_Signal, ma5.csv, ma5.ex4, macceleration_eurusd_1, macceleration_exp_auto2, MACD, MACD-2, “MacD-2 line”, MACD-2_MTF, MACD-Alt, “MACD + osMA”, “MACD 5-34-5”, “MACD ASCTrend1sig Audible”, “MACD Customized”, “MACD Repair”, “MACD Hist”, “MACD Pattern”, “MACD Pattern russian”, “MACD Sample Verify”, “MACD Pattern.ex4”, “MACD Pattern.log”, “MACD Pattern.mq4”, MACD_2_Color, macd_adx, MACD_Divergence, MACD_lines, MACD_SampleTraining, “MACD_signal.mq4 “, “MACD_signal.mq4 .ex4”, “MACD_signal.mq4 .log”, “MACD_signal.mq4 .mq4”, MACD_Signal_v2, “MACD+OsMA”, “MACD+OsMA+AO+AC+T3_Ind”, MACD1, MACDcorrect, MACDdtLSMA, MACDOsMA, MACDsignals, MACDsignalsv0.2, MACDsignalsv01.2, MACDSimpleReshetov.ex4, MACDSimpleReshetov.mq4, MACrossIndicator, Magesha, Magesha4.1, MagicalForex, Mahmoud_Amer, “Maitei Components”, MakeGrid, “MakeGrid-With a hundred and 200 EMA”, MakeGrid_50_100_200_30pips_stop70, MakeGrid_GbpUsd_Daily, MakeGrid_With_100_and_200_EMA, MakeGrid192, MakeGrid193, “MakeGrid193BE Lengthy”, “MakeGrid193BE LongShort”, “MakeGrid193BE Brief”, MakeGridLSMA, MaksiGen_KaHaJI_CkaJIneP, MaksiGen_Range_Move, MAMy3, ManageTakeProfit, “ManageTakeProfit stockwet”, Mandrake_System, “Manual Trendline Dealer”, Mark_Douglas___The_Disciplined_Trader, “market profile”, “market profile1”, market_profile, Martengail-2Han, martin-profit-exper,, Martingail_breakdowning_0.9.4, Martingail_breakdowning_v1, martingeil1-51.ex4, martingeil1-51.mq4, Masterforex-Demo,, matunnel, MaxMinWPR-MM, MAXPIPS_2008, MBKAsctrend3times, MBKAsctrend3times1, mc, MDV, “Mechanical Discretion”, MechanicsTrade,, Median, “Medved QuoteTracker”, MegaDroid, MegaDroidPro_XE,, Merdekarama_v1.3.2, “Merkio Exp Ukis 2008”, “Merkio Exp Ukis 2008.mq4”,, metastock_to_csv, metod, MHGS_beta, Michelangelo, Michelangelo28nov05, mikahekin, mikahekin-v1.0, mikahekin-v1.1, mikko_bb_channels, MillionaireTraders, minachi101, MIndex, “MIndex(30AUG05)”, “miracle of dicipline”, Misakas_v1.3b, MizuTori, mj_ADXFilter_v1.0, MLPO, MMK-MM_1.09, MMK-MM_1.09_2, “MMTS 2.0”, MMTS_Expert, MMTS_Expert1, mmwpr, “mod con template”, “mod con template1”, “mod con template2”, mod_con_template, “Modelling Caliber”, “Modify All”, Momentum, money-management1, “money 10”, “money 9”, Money_Management_Controlling_Risk_And_Capturing_Profits, MoneyRain, MoneyStream, Monstr, Morgan, “MoStAsHaR15 Pivot Professional”, “MoStAsHaR15 Pivot Professional(30AUG05)”, “Moutaki Components”, “Moving Common”, “Moving Common tp”, “Moving Common.ex4”, “Moving Common.mq4”, “Moving Average2”, “Moving Average3”, “Moving Averages”, “Moving Averages_onTF”, MovingAverage, “MP Overlay”, mqcodes, mql2html, mqlcache,, MRO2, msvcr71, “MT Account Copier”, MT4-Cams-Pivots,, “mt4mm_v0[1].1_(rc_3)”, 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Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1b, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1b1, Murrey_Math_MT4_VGb, mvspytrendpro, My_First_Adviser, my2007, MyFriend.ex4, MyFriend.mq4,, myMACD4ver2, MyProject, N.Fox, N7S_Expert_194694_202, nd1, nd1Sig, nd1Stop, nd1StopLine, nd2, nd2Sig, nd2Stop, nd2StopLine, Neuro_M, Neuro_Net, neurofilter1.0r, NEURON-SYSTEMSv2.4, NeuroProba, NeuroScalping, Neverhood, Nevod, NEW_folder,,, news, “News Merchants Mt4 v01”, “News Buying and selling”, News_AmazingEA_1.0.5, news_grabber, news_system, News_Traders_Mt4_v01, NewsReader, NewsUpdater, NewWave1.7.1.1, NewWave1.7.1.1_2, nextbar.ex4, nextbar.mq4, NFP_Pilot, nicktrader_on_no_price_trading,,, NINA, Nina_StepMA_1, NINA1,, NinaEA, “NinaEA v.02”, “NinaEA v03”, “NinaEA v031”, NinaEAtest, ning_heiken_ashi, nnea, NO_LOSS, Noah10pips2006, NRTR, “NRTR 1”, “NRTR Pilot Alert”, “NRTR Rosh v2”, “NRTR WATR”, “NRTR WATR-hist”, “NRTR WATR1”, “NRTR With Alert”, NRTR_dots1, NRTR_EXP.ex4, NRTR_EXP.mq4, NRTR_Line1, NRTR_Pilot_2alert, NRTR_Pilot_alert, “NRTR_Pilot_alert(23SEP05)”, NRTR_Pilot_alert1, NRTR_Pilot911, NRTR1, “NY breakout v0.10”, “NY breakout v0.11”, “NY breakout v01.11”, Oan_Fx_Timer, Oan_Fx_Timer_2, “oilfxpro_simple aid and resistancefxf”, only_profit, Open_Tiks, Open_Tiks_2, OpenGraphics_Expert.ex4, OpenGraphics_Expert.mq4, optimization, “Osc&other”, osc1, OsMA, OsMA_5_bar_rolling_0.4, “otoyti ot del bogatim”, OverHedge, OverHedgeV2, OzFx1.02, PairDifference, Palada_v2.4-_best_on_GBP_H1, palka, palka2, “Pallada EA v6.0-DC EA”, Pallada_3.0_Final,, Parabolic, Parabolic_Alert, Parabolic_SAR_ADX_EA, Parabolic2, “Parallel channels”, Paramon_Scalp, “past regression deviated”, past_regression_deviated, Pattern, “Pattern Alert”, “Pattern Awareness”, PCCI, PDF, pedroXXmod, Pegasus, “Pending Orders”, Pendulum, “Percent Bollinger Bands”, PerkyAsctrend1, PerkyAsctrend11, pfe2, “pfe2 ex”, Phat_TD_REI, Phat_ZigZag, Phoenix_4_CONTEST.ex4, Phoenix_4_CONTEST.mq4, phoenix_ea_v5_6_03, phoenix2007-EA,, Pifon,,, PipBoxer_V2.0.6_Users_Guide, pipboxer0122, “pipcollector EA + manual”, Pipforia_HG_v2.0.5,, pipmaster, pipmaster_2_, “pipmaster_2_(1)”, pips, Pips_Leader_Usd_Jpy_EA, Pips_Leader_Usdjpy, Pips_Miner_EE, Pips_Miner_SE, “Pips_Miner_SE_LE”, pips_trading, PIPSOLOVE-2.rar, Pipsolove.rar, PIPSTALKER, pipsutorEURUSD, PipTraderSetup,, Piptronic_v1.0,,, PipZu_EURUSDv1, Pivot, Pivot-2, “Pivot (Midnight to Dead night)_V2”, “Pivot Calculator”, “Pivot Strains”, “Pivot Strains 2”, “Pivot Strains Timezone”, “Pivot Lines_RDs”, “Pivot Lines2”, “Pivot Lines3”, “Pivot Element Median”, “Pivot Factors”, “Pivot Latitude”, “Pivot(23JUL05)”, Pivot_Backtest, pivot_trader__20070921, Pivot1, Pivot2, PivotCustom_4TimeFrames, PivotCustomTime, PivotCustomTime____, PivotDyna, PivotEMA3, PivotEMA3RLH, PivotEMA3RLHv2, PivotEMA3RLHv21, PivotEMA3RLHv3, PivotEMA3RLHv31, PivotEMA3RLHv4, PivotEMA3RLHv41, “PivotPoints – MT04 – Indicator”, Pivots, “Pivots With the aid of MoStAsHaR15”, “Pivots Customized”, “Pivots Day-by-day”, “Pj-over RSI”,, “plan x”, Platinum_Fair_R9, Platinum_Fair_R9_2, PlatinumBestD1_05B, plaYmate_2., pluto, “PM & HF”, PMax_EA,, pollan, polyhedron, position_sizing, “Pouria Components”, Powerfx_Trade_Tool, PowerSwing, “Practical Fibonacci Components”, Pragma_Expert_v2.21, Pragma_Expert_v2.21_2, PrevDay-HiLo-kelvin, PrevDay_HiLo_kelvin, PrevDayAndFloatingPivot, “Price Channel”, “Price Channel2”, “Price Chennel”, Price_Distribution, PriceChannel_Stop_v1, PriceChannel_Stop_v6, PriceTrender, PriceTrender2, PriceTrenderChartTest, Priliv, Priliv_s, Primus_Silver-CRACKED, “priorities comp last”, Pristine-1, PRO, Pro_Advisor_v5,, “Pro4x Pivot Strains”, “Profinacci Calculator”, profit-factor1, “Profit Generator”, “Profit Generator 2.6”, “Profit Generator three.3.2”, “Profit Generator 333”, profit_dax, profit_dax_2, Profit_Generator_333_test, Profit_Hunter_EA, Profitable_Trend_Forex_Advanced, PROFITDAY_PRO_v._2009, profiter, Profiter2009, ProfitHunter, profx, prognoz, program, programforex, Progressive, PROphet, proverka1.4_udp, PS_Calculator.ex4, PS_Calculator.mq4, PS2, Pseudocarcharia, PV_Murrey_Math, PV_Murrey_Math_4l, PVT_v1, Pyramid,, pyramidEA,, pzvws2008, QuantumTrader_v5.0_Elite, QuantumTrader_v5.0_Elite_2, R2_ArrowsV1, RahnAbbott, “Rahsia Foreign exchange DebtFreedom”, rahsiaforexv1, RainbowMMA_01, RainbowMMA_02, RainbowMMA_03, RainbowMMA_04, RainbowMMA_05, RainbowMMA_06, RainbowMMA_07, RainbowMMA_08, RainbowMMA_09, RainbowMMA_10, RainbowMMA_11, RainbowOsMA, Range,, “Rapid Foreign exchange”, RAVI, “RAVI FX Fisher”, “RAVI FX Fisher2”, RBCI, RBCI_hist, RBCI2,, RD-BT2Stop, RD-Combo, “RD-forecast osc-15M”, RD-ForecastOsc, RD-ForecastOscOld, “RD-Pivot Lines_J”, RD-PivotLines, “RD-PivotLines 01”, RD-PivotLinesOld, “Real Trader four”,,, Regression_Channel_V2, RelativeR2, RelativeR2.ex4, ren99, Renko_v1, Renko_v11, “Rental Sign”, “Research Indicator”, “Retranslator – лучший копировщик.zip”, RFTL, “Richard_SELL_ BUYv.1.8”, “RickyD Gadget”, “RICKYD Trading Gadget”, RIDI_LEVELS_MT4, Rimbalzo_v2.6, risk_control_and_money_management, robert_fisher, RobinHood_eurusd, Robot-Kit, “Robot с Ratesniper”, Robot_Forex_2008__2009_and_2010_Pro, Robot_Forex_2008_Pro, Robot_Forex_2009_Pro, Robot_Forex_2009_Pro_Alternative,, Robot_Forex_2011_Profesional, Robot_Forex_2014_Profesional__Live, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real.ex4, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real.mq4, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real_4Digital, “Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real_4Digital+”, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real_5Digital,, “Robot_PowerM5-m “, Robot_PowerM5-ma, RobotPowerM5_meta4V1, “RobotPowerM5_meta4V1(26AUG05)”, “RobotPowerM5_meta4V1(30AUG05)”, “RobotPowerM5_meta4V1(30AUG05b)”, “RobotPowerM5_meta4V1(31AUG05)”, RobotPowerM5_meta4V11, RobotPowerM5_meta4V11a, RobotPowerM5_meta4V12, RobotPowerM5_meta4V12.ex4, RobotPowerM5_meta4V12.mq4, RobotPowerM5_meta4V1a, ROC, ROC1, rotating_text, “Royale Wave Indi”, Royale_Wave_Indi, “RPM5_MT4_[ea]”, “RPM5_MT4V1_[ea]”, RPoint, rqidse, RSI, RSI-3TF, RSI-TC, RSI-TC_NEW, “RSI Move”, “RSI CROSS1”, “RSI Orlanth line”, “RSI dealer v0.10”, “RSI dealer v01.10”, RSI_EA, RSI_EA1, RSI_MACD_MA_Ron_01, RSI_RSI_RSI,,, “RSI_trader_v0[1].10”, rsier1m, rsier1m1, rsier1m2, RSIFilter_v1, RSItrend, RSTL, rsx, RSX_CD, RSX_MTF, rttnews, “rukoivodstvo po investirovaniu”, russian20-HP, russian20-HP1, russian20_HP, Rutka1_50SMMA.ex4, Rutka1_50SMMA.mq4, rvmFractalsLevel, rvmGann_sv2, rvmGann_sv6, rvmGann_sv8_n, s, S-R.1, S-R.mq4, S-R.original, “s Indicator [i]”, sa#MTEI_Supertrend, sa#MTEI_Supertrend1, Sakifli_Swing_Euro_Jpy, SAMPLE,, SandRa, sanpundon, “SAR Buying and selling v2.ex4”, “SAR Buying and selling v2.mq4”, sar_color, SAR_RSI_1H, sashken.ex4, sashken.mq4, sashken2, SATL, SATLs, sb#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_Histo, sb#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_Histo1, sc#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_On_Price, sc#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_On_Price1, “scalper 2”, SCALPER.RU_Know_How_Technology, SCALPER.RU_Know_How_Technology_2, “Scalping Gadget FX1”, “Schaff Development”, “Schaff Development Cycle”, SDL, “SDX- 8h”, SDX-TzBreaktout, SDX-TzPivots, SDX-TzPivots_mod, SDX-ZoneBreakout, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z1-v2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z1-v21, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2-v2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2-v21, SDX-ZoneBreakout2, SDX__8h, secret_report_Forex_automoney, Sekuntil_Stokastic_S3_System2009, SelfAdjustRSI_v1, SemiLong.ex4, SemiLong.mq4,,, Send_Pending_Order, sereganlp2008, serg_martini2, Sergey_0.2, “Session breakout v0.20 [ea]”, “Session breakout v0.25”, “Session breakout v0.26”, “Session breakout v01.26”, “Session breakout v01_mbk”, “Sexy Stochastic”, “Shade New york 07 _13 GMT”, ShadeNY, ShadeNY_v5, ShadeNY1, Shadows_v1.1, Shark_5_ultimate_full, Shark_5_ultimate_full_2, SHE_Fire_Bird_v5.3, SHE_kanskigor.ex4, SHE_kanskigor.mq4, “SHI Channel”, “SHI Channel11”, “SHI Channel11-#mt”, “Shi Channels”, SHI_Channel, SHI_Channel_Colour_Talk, shi_channel_talking, shi_channel_talking1, SHI_Channel_true, SHI_Mod, SHI_Mod_vLine, SHI_SilverTrendColourBars, SHI_SilverTrendColourBars1, SHI_SilverTrendSig, SHI_SilverTrendSig1,, Short_Term_Forex, “Sidus Components v2”, sidus_v.2, “signal keris”,, Silicon_Ambitio, Silver-channels, “Silver-channels+”,, “SilverMACD+”, SilverTrend, SilverTrend_Signal, “SilverTrend_Signal With Alert v3”, “SilverTrend_Signal With Alert v3(28JUL05)”, SilverTrend_Signal1, SilverTrendExpert_V2a, SilverTrendSignal, SilverTrendTrader, “SilverTrendTrader(xyz)”, SilverTrendTrader_v3, SilverTrendTrader_v3_JTPO, SilverTrendTrader_v3_JTPO1, SilverTrendTrader_v4, SilverTrendTrader_v4_JTPO, SilverTrendTrader_v5, SilverTrendTrader_v6, SilverTrendTrader_v7, SilverTrendV3, simple-macd-EA, “Simple Scalping 5min”, simple_forex_solution, SimplePivot, sinTrend, six_ind_v31, sixperiod_v31, skdon.ex4, skdon.mq4, SketchyStoploss, SKIV_Trader, SKIV_TraderАO, SKIV_TraderАС, Sky_Dart_v4, SkyForex_v.1, SlopeTradeADX_v, SMA-Crossover_Signal, Smart_Ingsun, SMC, SMC-1, “SMC Autotrader Momentum.ex4”, “SMC Autotrader Momentum.mq4”, “SMC eur usd”, “SMC eur usd(26AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd(28AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd1”, “SMC eur usd1(26AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd2”, “SMC HiLo v1.1”, “SMC HiLo v1.mq4”, “SMC HiLo v11.1”, “SMC HiLo v11.mq4”, “SMC MA”, “SMC MA 3BAR”, “SMC MA Move”, “SMC MA xover”, “SMC MACD new thought”, “SMC Guide EA”, “SMC Guide EA restrict and_or cease order”, “SMC Guide EA with seperation”, “SMC Guide Buying and selling v1”, “SMC Skeleton v3”, “SMC Dealer 2 MAs 12 26 EMA Primary”, “SMC Dealer 2 MAs 5 20 EMA”, “SMC Dealer 2 MAs 5 20 EMA1”, “SMC Dealer Aroon V1.3”, “SMC Dealer Camel CCI MACD”, “SMC Dealer Camel CCI MACD -ron02”, “SMC Dealer Camel CCI MACD1”, “SMC Dealer Kurt”, “SMC Dealer Kurt v2”, “SMC Dealer Kurt v2(26AUG05)”, “SMC Dealer Kurt v21”, “SMC Dealer Kurt1”, “SMC Dealer Kurt2”, “SMC Dealer MACD v1.0”, “SMC Trader Guide”, “SMC Dealer Manual1”, “SMC Dealer Skeleton v2”, “SMC Dealer Skeleton v2(07SEP05)”, “SMC Dealer TriggerLines V2.1”, “SMC USD JPY cci verify”, SMC_Shell, “SMC_Trader_TriggerLines_V2[1].1”, SMC1, SMC2, SMC3, SMI, SMMA-Crossover_Signal, “SmoothCandle C v1.00”, “SmoothCandle S v1.00”, SmPriceBend-T01, SMSalert, SnakeForce, SnakeStopLevels,, SnapShotEA, SnapShotEA1, SnapShotI,,, Sniperfox, “sokol”, solagracia, “Solar Wind”, Something, sovet, Spider_3L_v08, spoutnik, Spread,, “Spud MTF Stochastic”, “Squeeze Straddle”, “sr restrict”, “SRDC Components”, SSL_channel_chart_alert, “st+L+2stor-V2(1).ex4”, “st+L+2stor-V2(1).mq4”, “Standard Deviation Channels”, Standard_Deviation_Channels, “Standart Pivot Strains”, “STARC Bands”, “STARC Bands1”, starter, starter.ex4, starter.mq4, Starter_v4_Ganja-Man_Settings, Starter_v4_mod_1, Starter_v4mod, Starter_v4modV2, Starter_v4modV21, Starter_v6, Starter_v6_fukis_secial_secret_over_mega_gaining_version, starter_v6mod.ex4, starter_v6mod.mq4, starter_v6mod_e, Starter_With_No_Indicators, Stealth, Stealth_Forex_V10, Steinitz_HAS_MT,, steinitzHASMTF, Step, StepChoppy_v1, “StepChoppy_v1[1].2”, “StepChoppy_v1[1].2a”, “StepChoppy_v1[1].3”, “StepChoppy_v1[1][1].2”, StepChoppyBars_v1, “StepChoppyBars_v1[1].1”, StepMA_3D_v1, StepMA_Color_v2, StepMA_Stoch_v1, StepMA_v1, StepMA_v2, StepMA_v3, StepMA_v7, StepMA_v7a, StepRSI_v2, StepRSI_v5.2, “StepRSI_v5[1].2”, StepSto_v1, STI4_0_3, “Stitch V2.1”, STLM_FTLM_Trade, STLM_hist, STLM2, STLMs, StocasticsOnPriceChart, StocasticsOnPriceChart1, StocasticsOnPriceChartExtreme, “stoch vigor EA_5g”, Stoch.ex4, Stoch.mq4, Stoch_Alert_v1, STOCHALERT, Stochastic, “Stochastic RSI”, Stochastic1.ex4, Stochastic1.mq4, StochasticDiNapoli_v1, stochRSI, Stochy.MQ4, “StocRSI 2”, “Stop reversal”, Stop_reversal, Stop_reversal_bluestops, Stop_reversal_mod, Stop_reversal_mod1, stopreversal, StopReversalwithAlert, STOx.ex4, STOx.mq4, “Straddle&Trail”, “Straddler Handler”, StrangeIndicator, Strategy_2009, Strategy10, StrategyTester, StrategyTester1, Stratoblaster, StratoTriggerlines, StreetSmartForex,, Study_Book_for_Successful_Foreign_Exchange_Dealing, suffic369, suffic369.ex4, suffic369.mq4, suffic369_EUR_M15, SunTzu, Sup-Res, super-signals_v1, “super-signals_v2a[2]”, Super_Hedging_v1.67, Super_Trend, SuperExpertv3, “Supernova Components”, “SuperSR 6”, SuperSR7, Supertrend, “Supertrend Audible Alert”, SuperTrend_3, Supertrend1, SuperWoodieCCI, SuperWoodieCCI1, SuperWoodieCCI2, SuperWoodieCCI3, “supper faster (2)”, supply_demand, “Support and Resistance”, “Support and Resistance (Barry)”, “Support Resistance”, Support_and_Resistance, Support_and_Resistance_FOREX, Support_Resistance, Sure-Fire, surefirething, Surfing, Suv2, Swaper_1.1.ex4, Swaper_1.1.mq4, SweatSpot_3, SweatSpot_31, SweatSpot_32, Sweet_Spot_Extreme, Swing_Point, SwingTrading,, T3, “T3 -Trix”, “T3 Bands.mq4 “, “T3 Bands[1].mq4 “, “T3 CCI”, “T3 MACO”, “T3 RSI”, “T3 Taotra”, “T3 TRIX (ROC of T6)”, “T3 TRIX (ROC of T6)1”, T3.mq4, T3_2, T3_22, T3_3Lines, “t3_adx_+di_-di_burst”, t3_Aroon_Horn, t3_Aroon_Horn_Osc, T3_Bands, T3_DPO-v1, T3_DPO-v1_2, T3_iAnchMom, T3_iAnchMom_hist, T3_iAnchMom_hst, T3_iAnchMom2, T3_MACO, t3_Moving_Volume_Average, T3_RSI, T3_Taotra, T3_TCF, T3_TRIX, T3MA, “TAACH Видео”, Taf, “Take Earnings”, “Take The Cash and Run”, “TakeProfit EA HiLoTradeAway”, Target_Profit, “TD Sequential”, TD_Carrie, TD_DEMARK_v2, TD_DRP, “TD_Points&Line_mgtd1”, TD_REI, TD_REI_v2, TD_Sequential, TDI, TDI-2, “TDpoints&lines”, TDTLModifiedBR, TDTLModifiedBR1, “TEB Gadget”, “Technical_analysis_&_options_strategies_by_K.H._Shaleen”, TechnicalMarketIndicators, TecnixindoBot_v2009.03, “Teknik Analisa Foreign exchange”, “Teknikal Analisis 2”, “teknikal analisis three”, Telescop, “Tengri 1.4”, TENGRI_1.4.×1.mq4, “Teori EW dan Fibo”, “Terminator v2.03 Finished”, Terminator_v2.0, TEST, “test last a hundred”, test_5close_up, test_volume, test11_v4, test11_v7, Test2, Test21, Test22, Test2guns, TestWilliam36HistogramWalert, TFX_v1_8, “The 20’s”, “The 20’s [ea]”, “The 20’s Indicator [i]”, “The 20’s v0.30 [ea]”, “The 20’s1”, “The 8and8 method e book”, “The Outsider Components”, “The Reversal Bar”, “The Ultimate Foreign money Buying and selling”, the_interaction_between_the_frequency_of_market_quotes_, , spread_and_volatility_in_Forex, The_Sharpe_Ratio, The_Truth_About_Money_Management, The_Wizard, “Three Day Rolling Pivot”, “Three Line Wreck”, Three_Color,,, Tick_on_Chart, “Ticker MACD”, TIME_FRAME, time1, TimeBreakExpert_v2, “Tlatomi components”, TMA,, “Today Development”, “Today Trend ultimate”, “Today Trend_ruduga”, “Tom Demark Gadget”, TOProfit_v.1.4.2, TOProfit_v1.4.2__Demo_, “ToR_(4 версии с описанием на английском)”, torg_haos, Tpaylihg, Tpaylihg_close, Tracert, trade_error,, TradeAnyMarket, TradeChannel, tradechannel2_638_1.ex4, tradechannel2_638_1.mq4, “trader’s_secret_code”, Trader_Fx_v2, Trader_new, Trader_new.ex4, Trader_Note,, “TradeStarTrend[EA]”, “TradeStarTrend[EA]v1.2”, “Trading Hours”, “Trading Session vLines”, Trading__Forex_Amazing_Forex_System, Trading_Doc__Market_Cycles___Fibonacci__Gann__Elliott__, , Benner_Cycles___Financial_Astrology___Philip_Rio, Trading_Forex__The_Forex_Profit_System, Trading_Profit_Booster, TradingHours, “Trailing Cease 5”, “Trailing Cease v_tdavid”, “Trailing Cease v_tdavid1”, TrailingStop-Sedov_v3, TrailMe, TrailMe1, TralingStop_v3, Trend, “Trend Bands”, “Trend Follower Gadget”, “Trend SMC v2”, “Trend Set off (Bars)”, “Trend Set off Modified”, “Trend Set off Modified(6AUG05)”, “Trend(23SEP05)”, Trend_CF, Trend_Determination,, Trend_Rider_v3, TREND_RIDER3,, trend_traffic, Trend1, TrendAndDiver, TrendCapture.ex4, TrendCapture.mq4,, TrendContinuation, TrendContinuation1, TrendContinuation2, TrendEnvelopes_v2, TrendEnvelopes_v2_2, TrendEnvelopes_v2_3, TrendForecasting,,, trendline, “Trendline Dealer”, “Trendline Trader1”, “Trendline Trader2”, trendline.mq4, Trendline.Trader, TrendlineOrder, TrendManager, TrendManagerOpen2, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window”, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window1”, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window2”, TrendPower, TrendScalper_GTR_beta, TrendScalper_TR, “TrendScalper_TR(30AUG05)”, TrendScalper_TR_beta, “TrendScalper_TR_beta(26JUL05)”, “TrendScalper_TR_beta(6AUG05)”, TrendScalper_TR_beta6, TrendScalper_TR_loosetest, “TrendScalper_TR_loosetest(26JUL05)”, TrendScalper_TR1.ex4, TrendScalper_TR1.mq4, TrendScalpIndc_PP, TrendscalpIndic, Trendsignal, TrendstrenghtEMA, TrendStrengthTrio, trendstuffer, “TrendStuffer_4.01 –”, TrendTriggerMod, “Triad last work”, Triangular_Arbitrage, Triangular_Price,, TriangularMA, triangulatMA, “Trigger Line “, Triggerlines, Triggerlines1, Triggerlines2, TriggerLinesAlert, TripleMA_Crossover_EA, TripleMA_Crossover_EA1, TripleMA_Crossover_expert, TripleMA_Crossover_expert1, TripleMA_Crossover_expert2, TrixEA, “Tro S & R MP”, “True Scalper V11 Sergey”, “True Scalper v4”, TRUE_SCALPER_V11b, “TRUE_SCALPER_V11b(23SEP05)”, TRUE_SCALPER_V11c, TRUE_SCALPER_V11e, TrueBald, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a, “TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a TS”, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a1, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v04, 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directions(01SEP05)”, “TSD-MT4 directions(12SEP05)”, “TSD-MT4instructions[1]”, “TSD-TR MultiPairs 18526”, TSD-TR_0.2, TSD-TR_0.2-currentweekly, TSD-TR_0.2-Force, TSD-TR_0.2-GBP, TSD-TR_0.2-MACD, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekplus, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekswitch, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekswitch1, TSD-TR_0.2-OsMArolling, TSD-TR_0.2-WPRstrict-midweekswitch, TSD-TR_0.3-midweekswitch, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-MACD, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-MACD(27JUL05)”, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA beta zero.3”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA beta zero.3(23SEP05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA Day-by-day”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA Jan four hour”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(13AUG05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(2)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(23SEP05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(30JUL05)”, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA1, TSD-v12-MT4-EF-MACD, TSD-v12-MT4-JB-MACD, TSD-v1x-MT4-HDB-v10, TSD-v1x-MT4-HDEB-v10, “TSD – Looking after TSD”, “TSD D1 4Majors”, “TSD description”, “TSD H4 4Majors”, “TSD MT4 MR Trade zero 36”, “TSD Notes”, “TSD Notes(05SEP05)”, “TSD Notes(28AUG05)”, “TSD Notes1”, “TSD OsMA fxid10t mod”, “TSD v.32 IBFX mini”, “TSD v.34 1hr exchange”, “TSD v.34 IBFX mini”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.1”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.2”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.3”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.1”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.2”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.3”, “TSD v1.1”, “TSD v1.1 MT3”, “TSD v1.2 MT3”, “TSD(x)”, tsd.doc, TSD.mq4, TSD_4hr, tsd_description, TSD_MT4_MR, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_10, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_101, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_102, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_11, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_12, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_13, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_14, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_15, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20(23JUL05)”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20_c, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_201, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_21, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_21_c01, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_211, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_22, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_23, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_24, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_25, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_30, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_31, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_32, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_33, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34(08SEP05)”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34b, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_36, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_36 23jan06 Mindaugas”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_361, TSD_PP_MACD_FORCE_Ind_v1, TSD_PP_MACD_FORCE_Ind_v11, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekplus”, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekplustrailtoprice”, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekswitch”, “TSD_TR_01 2_midweekswitch”, TSD_V1_1_MT3_OSMA_Force_MM_V1_1, TSD_v11_MT4_JB_OsMA_Daily, TSDxx, TSequential, TSI, TSI-Osc, “TSI-Osc(4AUG05)”, “TSI Alerts”, TSR, TTF, “TTF – trigger element”, “TTF(3AUG05)”, “TTF(4AUG05)”, “TTF(6AUG05)”, TTF_hist, TTF_look-ahead, TTF_TR, “TTF+-+MW”, TTM, ttm-trend, ttm-trend-2, tttttt, tunnel, “Tunnel Method_Indicators”, “Tunnel Method1”, TunnelMethod, Turbo_Robot1.1, Turbo_Robot1.1.ex4, Turbo_Robot1.1.mq4, TurningPointBox, “Turtle Trading Gadget”, “Uchebnik Dealer”, UDP, ultimate-guide-phoenix-v2, “Ultitimate Oscillator”, Ultitimate_Oscillator, “Ultra Wizard 2008”, UmnickTrader_1.01.01, UniversalMACrossEA, “Up&Down”, Up_Down, up_down_alert, Up_Down1, up3x1, up3x1_Krohabor_D.ex4, up3x1_Krohabor_D.mq4, ur, UROVNI-MT4, “UROVNI-MT4(27JUL05)”, Usd_Cad_Terminator_Demo, USD_Hunter_EA, “V-T&B”, “V-T&B1”, “V-T&Bv6”, V.I.P._v.45, “VanessaFX Superior Gadget”, “Var Mov Avg”, “VarMovAvg V001”, “VarMovAvg V0011”, Vector, Vegas, “Vegas Foreign money”, “Vegas Foreign money Day-by-day”, “Vegas Tunnel”, “Vegas[1]”, Vegas1HR, Velocity,, “Vertical Line”, vHistory, VininI, “VIP Alerts ru _408789_ 01.”, vlado, VM_barmix_v1.7.2_n_2.0, VM_DU_HAST_v2.0_M30_EURUSD, Vnutrednevnaya, “vol adx and t3 rsi”, “Volatility Cease”, Volatility.Pivot, VoltyChoppy_v1, Volume, “volume dealer (redux)”, “volume dealer (redux)1”, “volume dealer (redux)11”, “Volume with customized MA”, Volume_trader_v2, Volume1, volumeMA,, VQ,, VSI, VTB, vTerminal, VTS_VG_TS, VTS_VG_TS_setka, VWB, Waddah, Waddah_Attar_Explosion,, WaitToTrade, “warrior trader007”, “Waterfall [i]”, WB206port, WCCI, WCCI1, WCCI2, WcciChart, WcciPaterns, “WcciPaterns Sep”, WcciPaterns1, WcciPatterns, “WCCISqueeze v1”, “WCCISqueeze v2”, WeekEndChannel, WeeklyPivot, WeeklyPivot1, “WeeklyPivotOnly[1]”, “Weighted WCCI”, WeightedCCI, WeightedCCI1, WeightedCCI2, wellxAMA, whatever.ex4, whatever.mq4, whentotrade, Wicked, “Wilder’s ADX”, “Wiley_Finance.,_Fabozzi_Series,_.Short_Selling_-_Strategies,_Risks,_and_Rewards.(ISBN_0471660205)”, William36HistogramWalerttest, William36HistogramWallerTest, WilliamsPR_alert, “Wilson Channels”, WINFOREX_demo_real, WinnerFX_v2, “Winning Options”, WiroSableng_EA, “Wiseman 1”, wlxBWACsig, wlxBWAOsig, wlxBWWiseMan-1, wlxBWWiseMan-2, wlxFractals, wlxFractals2, Wolf, “wolve Wafe”, Woodchuck, “Woodies CCI3”, “Woodies Pivots Modified Into Fib Pivots”, WoodiesCCI, WoodiesCCI.mq4, WoodiesCCI1, WoodiesCCI2, WPRfast, WPRslow, WSOWROTrend, WSS_open, WSS_v943_Final_Version, WSS_v943_Final_Version_2, x, X_profile, X0diagram1, xmodule, xmodule_2, XO, XO_Alert, XO_ALERT_cci_cross, xpMA_v2FATL,, xpoints, Xprofuter, xpVolume, XtremeEURGBP,, Your_Lucky_EURGBP_v2b,, Z-Z1, “Z-Z1 LA Finest Alert Subsequent Bar-m15”,, “ZeroLag MACD”, “ZeroLagEA-AIP v0.0.4”, ZeroLagStoch, Zerolagstochs, Zerolagstochs_B, ZeroLagStochsSignals,, Zig_Zag_Breakout, Zig_Zag_Breakout1, ZigAndZag, ZigZag, “ZigZag Pointer”, “ZigZag Trendlines”, “ZigZag(11AUG05)”, ZigZag.ex4, ZigZag.mq4, ZigZag_Fibo_v1beta, ZigZag_Fibo_v2beta, ZigZag_Separate, ZigZag1, ZigZagE, ZigZagFirst,, Zink_Killer, Zmei_trader, Zoomer_Pro, ZUP_v14, “ZZ MTF XO A”, “ZZ four TF XO”, “ZZ MTF XO A”, “ZZ SR TL”, “ZZ SR TL Indicator.rar

You will get a RAR (2GB) file